Tapping for Self-Worth

eft tapping tapping Jun 10, 2023

Are you ready to tap into your self-worth and claim your divine birthright?
Recently, I was given the opportunity to lead a large group of individuals through a tapping session for self-worth using the Healy Quantum Healing Frequency device and products. It was an uplifting experience that reminded me of the power of energy and the impact we have on the fabric of patterns, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions of the whole field and energy of the earth itself.

Before the session, I received an inspiring message from my guides that stayed with me, "Only you can know your worthiness." It was a powerful reminder that we are all important threads in the web of life, contributing to the energy and patterns of the world around us. Our energy creates a ripple effect that matters more than we can imagine.

As we tapped and connected with our inner child, we were reminded to forget anything anyone has ever said to us in the past. They don't know our worthiness; only we can claim it and own it. We are so worthy because we are so important. Seeing ourselves as important is the first step in inspiring others to see it too.

Through play, creativity, dancing, hugging, and laughing, we can bring positive energy into our lives and reclaim our self-worth. Remember, your inner child is perfect just as they are, and their only goal should be to have fun.

I encourage you to tap into your self-worth and discover the impact you have on the world. Share your experiences in the comments below, and let's support each other on this journey of healing and discovery.


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