5-Day Self-Love Challenge

Tap, Meditate and Visualise yourself to a greater sense of self-love and self-worth. Get lifetime access to this pre-recorded course to use any time you need a self-love boost.

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Sarah Tobin EFT Practitioner

5 days to boost your self-love

These past few years have been long, stressful and exhausting. The stress is taking its toll. In stressful times, we often doubt our ability to cope, our critical voice gets louder, we judge ourselves and others, and we are quick to think we're 'bad' or 'not good enough'; even without proof.

Our confidence takes a knock. We feel a lack of worth. And all of this can lead us to feel a lack of self-love.

But what if there was a way to get yourself back on track? And it was just 5 days to focus on you. Just one hour each day.

Could you find that time for yourself in the coming weeks to give your self-love the boost you need and deserve?

Take this 5-day pre-recorded drip-fed course guiding you through a series of Tapping sessions and a beautiful meditation + visualisation exercise that will help you see yourself in a new light, that connects you with the light of your heart - the beautiful divine presence within you - your soul. 

Day 1

Sarah welcomes you to the course and opens the 5 days by addressing our lack of self-worth and not feeling good enough.

Day 2

Let go of guilt, shame and blame for anything you are carrying from the past. It is time to let it go.

Day 3

Acceptance of what was and forgiveness of ourselves and possible even others too is freeing and healing.

Day 4

We travel deep into the heart bringing healing energy and connecting to the unconditional love within.

Day 5

Our last day together is the day we embrace our love. Tap with me to boost your self-love.


Enjoy extra videos + resources: Havening technique explained, Self-Care planner, a 'How to Tap' workshop, Tapping Guide and Tapping Script Template.

Meet your host...

Sarah Tobin is an EFT Tapping Practitioner and Trainer.

Sarah found Emotional Freedom Technique six months after the loss of her first daughter Alice, in November 2018. It has been so life-changing she has been tapping ever since. She personally used tapping to cure her undiagnosed severe PTSD, and completely transform an anxiety issue she didn't even know she had.

Over the years of continued tapping and working with women all over the world she has identified key areas that are common to us all that is holding us back from feeling self-love and self-worth. In December 2021 she put together this 5-day challenge that is now available for the first time with videos and tapping scripts that you have lifetime access to.

The goal of this challenge is to give yourself the time and the beautiful tools and be guided to let go of various topics such as guilt, shame and blame, acceptance and forgiveness, lack of self-worth and lack of self-love.

Course Feedback

I'm so happy to have discovered Sarah and tapping, I tentatively joined the 5-day self-love course. I was unsure what to expect, but what I got was an intuitive knowing and understanding of what I was going through and the ability to release pent-up emotions through tapping and guided meditations. Even now 5 days after completing the course, I feel an innate sense of freedom and acceptance. Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift and tour vulnerability. Kathleen x

Today I was surprised. I’ve been taking a lot of care of myself these last two months; focusing on myself and doing a lot of self-work. And I’ve been having the feeling that guilt, shame and blame are actually something I need to acknowledge and work on. Today meant I could focus on it in a safe space. So thank you. I was surprised because I cried. I felt tears through the guilt part, then cried through the blame and then again through the shame. I was led to find your feed and the first thing I saw was about joining this week. I’m so glad I have x

I did day three last night. It was really helpful as I struggle to forgive. I went from a 12 (off the chart) to a five. I am so grateful for all the effort and dedication you put into this program. Stay tuned for feedback on the heart meditation and day five!

It was so good for me. I’m new to tapping and today was my first time experiencing it. I've found it so powerful. Thank you for sharing with us and offering this course. I can’t wait for tomorrow xx

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