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Welcome to the EFT Practitioner Directory!

Sarah is not currently taking on new clients. You can join her waitlist and you will be notified as soon as her new offering becomes available.

In the meantime, here you can find a list of experienced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) practitioners who specialise in helping people heal from mental, emotional, and physical trauma, each with their own area of focus. Our directory provides detailed information about each practitioner's qualifications, experience, and services. With the help of an EFT specialist, you can learn to access your own inner resources to tackle life’s most difficult challenges. Take the first step towards healing today by exploring our directory and finding an experienced practitioner that matches your needs! 

[Note: practitioners are listed alphabetically by surname].

Nichola Andrews

Nichola had her first Tapping sessions with Sarah in Spring 2021 as she navigated life after a Missed Miscarriage. Nichola found this so supportive that she joined Sarah's monthly Tapping Circle! 

Since training, she now helps women to navigate life after pregnancy loss & supports them in pregnancy after loss.
Trained Nov 2022 with Sarah Tobin
Sessions: Online & In person (Kildare,Ireland)
Investment: 3 sessions €300, 6 sessions: €499 
Other offerings: Reiki & Rahanni energy healings
Business: Graceful Healing 
Socials: Instagram & Facebook
Contact via email, DM on Instagram or Connection Call via DM on Instagram, Facebook

Claire Day

Claire is a registered general nurse with over 17 years experience in the acute hospital setting. Working in high pressured environments of coronary care unit, high dependency and emergency departments Claire has a wealth of experience in supporting people through some of the toughest times in their lives.  Her love of holistic and complementary health practices has grown over the last number of years. Claire's journey started as a personal search for a more natural way to reduce anxiety and support her mental well-being following the birth of her first child 11 years ago. Her vision is for everyone to have access to a beautiful blend of the best of what can be offered by allopathic and holistic health practices. Empowering people to take responsibility for their well-being and have to tools and support to do so. 

Claire has been using EFT in her personal life for over 6 years after finding Sarah’s and other practitioners tapping courses online. She specialises in supporting clients recovering from grief, trauma (especially medical trauma for patients and medical / nursing staff), stress and anxiety.

Trained: April 2022 with Sarah Tobin
Sessions: Online + In Person (Dublin, Ireland)
Investment: €90 for 1.5 hours, €250 x 3 1.5 hours
Other offerings: Reiki, Aroma Point Therapy, and Cacao ceremonies.

Business: Claire Day Wellness

Website: claireday.net 
[email protected] 
Best way to contact: email / DM on Instagram

Jo Loch

15 years of clinical practice motivated Jo to create EFT Health, where she now provides 1:1 EFT tapping sessions and online workshops.

Having worked closely with patients as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, she recognises the need to support people both physically and mentally in regard to health and well-being.

Areas of special interest include the management of symptoms associated with:

  • PTSD, including Birth-related Trauma
  • Anxiety, Depression & Stress
  • Chronic Illness and Pain

Referrals are welcome; for complex cases please contact me to discuss first.

Recommended package: £225 (3 X 90 mins) 

Business: EFT Health
Email: [email protected]
Website: eft-health.com
Instagram: @jo_loch_eft

Grace Walker 

Grace found tapping in March 2021 and it transformed her own healing journey, and she has used at home to support herself and her two young children every since. Since training as an EFT practitioner, she has been mainly supporting mums, children, and teens on a 1-2-1 basis. Grace also runs workshops in both online and in person. Grace was a school teacher for 8 years and is passionate about helping parents and young people. She is available to deliver workshops with young people in schools, as well as businesses, community gatherings and circles.

Trained: November 2022 with Sarah Tobin
Sessions: Online + In Person (Chester, UK)
Investment: £199 for 3 x 60 min sessions, £219 3 x 90 mins. For workshops or packages for children please email.
Other offerings: Parenting and child well-being coaching incorporating mindfulness and meditation.

Business: With Grace Wellness

Website: www.withgracewellness.com
[email protected] 
Best way to contact: email / DM on Instagram