The Call Part 2 



You are warmly invited to take part in our
5-Week Self-Love Healing Program.
Join us as we use a range of healing modalities to embody
self-trust, self-confidence, self-worth and self-love.

We will support you:

to open your heart fully to all that you are,

to integrate lost parts of your Soul,

to heal traumatic imprints of the past,

to remind you of your Oneness with Source love,

to see your true self in full glory and unique expression,
to connect you with your Divinity,

and to allow you to share your love with the world.

Starts 1st February 2024 and every Thursday for 5-weeks.
8pm GMT 
| 12pm PST | 3pm EST 

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Your Heart is Calling

Painful experiences wound us. We build heart protection, safety strategies and make vows to protect our hearts forever more.

A withdrawal of our love may protect us, but at what cost. What are we missing out on? What joy are we shielding against? What love is difficult to accept and feel?

To live your fullest expression here on Earth no matter how painful it is, you must open your heart. 

It is time now to go deeply inwards into your heart, to heal the deep wounds, so you can live your most joyful and purposeful expression possible.

This is The Call Part 2 and everyone is Welcome! 


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The Call Part 2

Starts 1st February 24 and every Thursday for 5 weeks - 8pm GMT | 12pm PST | 3pm EST 


Use to check your country's time.

Self-Love Healing

Join us every week for 5 weeks as we lovingly nurture our hearts, mind and soul through EFT Tapping, Visualisation, Healing Energy, Timewaver Frequencies, and Channelled Wisdom, Sound Healing, Embodiment Practices,  and Healing from the Akashic Records.

This healing series will activate a return to true unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves.

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind Self-Love Healing that you won't find anywhere else. We are working in the conscious and deep subconscious mind, releasing and healing on multiple levels.

No prior experience of any of the modalities are required.

Returning to Love

As a follow-up to our 5-Week Ancestral Healing Course (which you can still take if not done so already), we will be using a similar format of healing modalities each week to peel back the layers to inner love, joy and peace.

The type of healing you can expect:

  • Akashic Records wisdom and healing¬†with Christopher
  • Masculine + Feminine Balancing and¬†Awakening into Love Consciousness Meditation¬†with Christopher¬†
  • Tapping for Self-Trust, Tapping for Self-Confidence, Tapping for Self-Worth, Tapping for Self-Love addressing deep shadow work such as self-abandonment and vulnerability with Sarah Tobin
  • Self Love and Inner Child Healing with Brid Hanlon
  • Visualisations and¬†Meditations by Clare and Maryellen
  • Deep Inner Union wisdom and healing by Clare
  • As well as bonus discounts - see below
  • We have also created a WhatsApp Group where we will all support each other as we go through this process over the 5 weeks and beyond. Details will be sent post-registration.

Week One - Foundations for an Open Heart

  • Sacred Heart Healing
  • Tapping for Grief, Separation and Abandonment
  • Heart Consciousness
  • Meditation with Crystal Bowls

Week Two - Connection to Self

  • Inner Child Healing¬†
  • Tapping for Trust
  • Group Energy Healing with Crystal Bowls
  • Embodiment Awareness Practice

Week Three - Spirit AND Shadow

  • What is the Ego/Shadow?
  • Saboteurs and parts
  • Tapping for Radical Acceptance
  • Mirror Work Practice

Week Four - Union to Nature

  • Self-Care with the seasons
  • Union of the Rose Meditation with Crystal Bowls
  • Writing Vows in Service
  • Love Altar

Week Five - Your Return to Love

  • Tapping for Self-Worth + Self-Love
  • Akashic Records Healing and Channelled Wisdom
  • Self-Love Meditation with Crystal Bowls


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The Call Part 2

Starts 1st February 24 and every Thursday for 5 weeks - 8pm GMT | 12pm PST | 3pm EST 


Use to check your country's time.

The Call 1; 5-week Ancestal Healing Feedback


On each Call I have felt layers and layers of ancestors and related souls sort of listening in behind and through me.  It feels as if this information about healing/letting go/forgiveness etc is completely new to some of them.  New concepts that they have never met before.  On each Call I have felt overwhelmed and overcome.   I still feel it.  I have Irish ancestry on my father's side, and only know of family history from Lisburn and Glenavy/Crumlin.  Earlier this year I had a holiday in Spiddal near Galway.  I was so moved to hear the Irish language and the terrible history of the famine.  I am so grateful to be taking part in this group for these 5 weeks.  Thanks to everyone for your commitment, faith, skill, understanding and love.  


I am very grateful for the call. Knowing I had to join from the beginning and so much resonance with the Irish ancestry connectionūüôŹ There had been a disconnection from the ancestors due to many misunderstandings and also lifelong issues with grounding. Somehow, I had not seen this core reason and after experiencing myself in a circle of light from source, via both parental lines, all has shifted deeplyūüôŹ. Releasing the burden of 'having to do this all on my own ūü•ī

Now there is a sense of ancestral support when cuddling my Grandchildren and I know how much this will help them‚̧ūüôŹ‚̧ I have been tapping for years but never in such a big group before. It made it especially powerful and all the channelling and guidance and was deeply received ūüôŹ


I just got to finish this replay as the live cut out half way through for me. poor connection where I am. thank you all so much for this. ‚ú®ÔłŹ MaryEllen, the ancestral connection was so beautiful. extremely emotional after having connected with 2 of my cousins who were taken suddenly and needed to be seen. Instead of a circle, my ancestors made a heart around me. it was so beautiful to feel them all. I'm still feeling the intensity of their pain and love in equal amounts. Br√≠d, a few days ago, I had written the words "I am worthy of great things" so thrilled to hear you speak on worth. Clare, I love the ritual and will definitely be using it frequently. Christopher your toning was another level. thank you. thank you Sarah, the tapping always shifts so much in me and the song at the end allowed tears of happiness to flow. thank you ‚̧ԳŹ thank you ALL. ūüôŹūü§ć‚ú®ÔłŹ

Your Guides

Take this healing journey of a lifetime supported by incredible guides, modalities and frequencies.

Sarah Tobin

EFT Tapping Practitioner + Trainer. Facilitator of deep healing in person, 121 and groups. The Call came to Sarah on Retreat in Connemara Ireland, in a house just below a famous Famine Road. Born in Dublin, now lives in the UK. 

Bríd Hanlon

Bríd was born in Ireland and has been facilitating healing for 22 years as a Counsellor, Homeopath and Timewaver Practitioner. She is greatly appreciated in the Healy community for her Expert Programs and Timewaver Healing and Clearing programs. 

Christopher Barham

Christopher is an Akashic Reader, Healer, and Consultant living near Toronto, Canada. His passion is supporting people in their healing and awakening processes. Christopher has great, great grandparents from Ireland! 

Maryellen Kuhlmann

Maryellen works in the Houston Texas area as an occupational therapist, life and health coach who specialises in persistent pain and other complex health conditions. She celebrated her mystical Irish heritage as an astrologer for over half a century, and gained Irish citizenship by Descent in by virtue of three grandparents who were all born within several miles of each other in Longford, Ireland.

Clare Fahy

Clare is a Mystic, Mother of three, Holistic practitioner and a Devotee to Christ and the feminine arts of restored relationship with God and Nature. She has also created 3 Healy Frequency Programs. She received The Call in 2022 through her own experiences of ancestral memories of the Great Famine in her Irish heritage, with roots in Co. Mayo. She has since been journeying with returning to wholeness and inner union and brings forward the importance of our remembrance of sovereignty with the Divine, The Land and The Water as One.‚Ä® 

Julie Smith

Julie Smith was called to learn the arts of vibrational medicine so she could heal after much trauma and loss. She is practising in Chicago, USA as a transformation coach specializing in energy wellness and rehabilitation. Julie uniquely combines the frequencies of sound, colors/light, sacred geometry, individual and specific microcurrent to address the energy fields within and outside of our physical being naturally bringing the energetic body, soul and spirit into balance. Julie holds certifications as an; Advanced Alchemy Sound Healer, Esogetic CCP, Reiki III, and is a Timewaver practitioner and creator of Healy Expert frequency programs.


Please email [email protected]¬†if you have any further questions.

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