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Hi, I’m Sarah. I look forward to supporting you.

I have been a Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner for six years, helping mums all around the world, using the techniques that helped me after the tragic loss of our first baby, Alice.

Until November 2014 my life was pretty normal and good. I've had a past peppered with self-doubt, bullying, low self-esteem and lack of self-worth. But, after years of positive affirmations and alternative therapies in my teens, I turned most of that around and have been a pretty optimistic person ever since.

I met my husband in a hostel in Chile in 2006 and moved to London to live with him about a year later. We got married in 2011 and were excited to start a family. It took us 18 months to get pregnant with Alice, but finally, we were expecting a baby and we were over the moon. Everything was up, we were high on life.


"I had my first 1-2-1 session with Sarah this week. I'm still buzzing. Before the session, when I had thoughts or memories of my younger self it was always tinged with a sense of sadness or something. Post Sarah's magic, I feel such love and this amazing warmth in my heart. I'm looking forward to many sessions ahead with Sarah. One thing I would say is make sure you lock yourself away to be able to give it the attention you and your release deserves. You won't look back!!!" 

Helen Dooley

Alice's Story

It kind of came crashing down around us at her birth. Everything was going well until the final 2 hours or so of our natural water birth labour. She was in distress and no one realised. Eventually, she was born after an episiotomy and she wasn't breathing. She was taken away to the NICU to be put on 'cooling' to help her brain recover from the lack of oxygen. Over the course of the next few days we realised that the damage was far too great and in the end, we had to let her go. She passed away in our arms 5 days later. It absolutely has been the most tragic and life-changing event in our lives that's for sure.
Six months later we were blessed to find I was pregnant; however, I was also suffering from undiagnosed severe PTSD. The new pregnancy was also bringing up future birth anxiety.

My Recovery

Desperate for help I was recommended Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique as having the potential to release the PTSD. This was a pivotal moment for me and have gone on to train in not only Emotional Freedom Technique but also Matrix Reimprinting, Birth Matrix Reimprinting and Light Matrix Healing.

A happy life

I use visualisation, meditation, colour, inner child, ancestral healing, tie cutting, ego reprogramming and lots of other techniques to release suffering and trapped emotions - which subsequently allow the body to heal.

My husband and I have gone on to have two beautiful sons and our family motto is “we are stronger together”.

In January 2022 I also became an EFT Trainer and have been training EFT Practitioners in Ireland and the UK. Find out more here>

Work with me

I can support you in many ways. Work with me 1:1, join my Tapping into Motherhood Membership or Tap with me for free on YouTube.

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