Ancestral Trauma Course

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back, that there’s something preventing you from living your best life? This could be due to a form of inherited trauma known as ancestral trauma.

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Unlock Your Full Potential: Understanding and Healing Ancestral Trauma


Ancestral trauma can have an incredibly powerful hold on our emotions, behaviours and beliefs; it can create blockages which stop us from achieving happiness and success. So many of us are carrying unresolved and unhealed trauma that has been passed down both the mother and father lines.

Most of us don’t even know we have it. It can have a huge hold over our emotions, behaviours, life events, beliefs and overall happiness.

  • Maybe you’ve always felt anxious and have no idea why?
  • Maybe you were separated from your mum at a young age for some reason?
  • Maybe you’ve had very strained relationships with one or both of your parents?
  • Maybe you’ve experienced bullying in childhood or teens?
  • Maybe you don’t feel good enough or not worthy?
  • Maybe you’ve experienced a similar fate to a family member?
  • Maybe addiction runs deep in your wider family?
  • Maybe you have a deep fear of being abandoned by someone you love?

 Know that these can be symptoms of inherited ancestral trauma.

Heal Ancestral Trauma with this Self-Directed 4-Part Course.


This course is designed to help you understand what ancestral trauma is and how it affects us, so that you can begin the healing process and realise your full potential.

The course consists of four modules, each designed to help you gain a greater understanding of ancestral trauma and equip you with the tools to begin healing this burden.

In this healing Ancestral Trauma Course, four separate modules will share with you:


1.    Ancestral Trauma Introductory Workshop

  • What Ancestral Trauma is
  • Why it is worth doing this healing work
  • Our parental relationships' connection to our health
  • The 4 ways ancestral trauma can affect us
  • The core language map
  • The family genograph
  • Healing separation
  • Healing relationships

2.    The Mother Wound

  • What the mother wound is and how it manifests within us and also within our mothers
  • Tapping on what emotions we've been holding in relation to this
  • Meditation to meet with the higher self of our mother and release back to her what isn't ours and I also gave everyone free space to say what you need.

3.    The Father Wound

  • What the father wound is and how it manifests within us and our fathers
  • Tapping on some core common themes of anger + frustration, sadness + grief, disappointment, resentment, longing and disconnect. 
  • Meditation where you can chat to the higher self of your Dad

4.    The Sister Wound

  • What is the sister wound and how is it impacting us
  • Tapping on some core themes of betrayal, fear of betrayal, and fear of rejection
  • Meditation into the Akashic Records to erase null and void contracts that are no longer serving us 

Bonus materials - 

  • The Witch Wound Meditation giving you an opportunity to release and heal from any past life energy you may be carrying linking to the persecution of witches. This is a very powerful meditation and easy to overlook this energy's impact on you. 
  • How to Tap Workshop - giving you an introduction to Tapping as a tool for ongoing energy and emotion release and resilience

Journey with Sarah:

This course is led by Sarah Tobin, a highly experienced and qualified EFT Practitioner and Trainer. With her guidance, you'll gain deep insight into ancestral trauma, release any lingering blocks and learn how to create a life of harmony, joy and fulfilment. 

EFT Tapping found Sarah when she hit rock bottom, following the loss of her daughter Alice after birth. She needed something to help her through her next pregnancy, and fast. EFT Tapping is a simple technique involving using your own hands and physically tapping on 14 key points on the body while talking about how you are feeling (focusing on the negative emotions). It is extremely effective on traumatic events such as loss, as well as supportive in coping with daily emotions that surface.

Six years ago Sarah realised that Ancestral Trauma was having a huge impact on her life and Sarah used the tools and techniques in this course to free her of the invisible limitations that were impacting her from the past.

To read her full story click here.

Freedom from the past awaits you

 By completing the four modules of the Ancestral Trauma Course you will be able to understand what ancestral trauma is and how it affects you, begin the healing process and realise your full potential. 

If you’re ready to take the journey of healing ancestral trauma and reclaiming your power, this course is for you! Take the course in order or dive into whatever is calling you first. These four modules and bonuses are all waiting for you.

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Sarah, your guidance was Divine!
I had an amazing experience. I went into a deep state of relaxation. Almost like out of this world.

I saw lots of colours. Even with my eyes closed, I saw my hands moving as I handed back what was never mine to carry!

The two minutes you gave for us to talk with who we were working, meant lots to me. As I was able to say to my mom what I always felt: "mom I am not responsible for you! Im not your mom. Im your daughter"
My inner child had been set free!
Thank you!


I just wanted to pop you a message about the ancestral trauma workshop. I only got to watch the replay this morning.
Wowzers!I knew a lot of the stuff you were talking about as I find it fascinating tooπŸ₯°Well I still had a lightbulb moment! I had this fear when my children were younger that they would die & not know how much I loved them. I’ve done a lot of work on myself for this & I put it down to my brother dying unexpectedly when I was 15 & he was 19.

But today I remembered my paternal grandmother lost 2 children unexpectedly in infancy. And I felt that's it that's what I was carrying. Normally I would side with my maternal side. So today I did paternal sideπŸ˜‰The meditation was so powerfulπŸ’«Something physically shifted for sure. My sister was on the call Thursday night. So the healing will most definitely create some ripplesπŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for hosting❀


I just wanted to send some feedback on the Ancestral Trauma session last week...I absolutely loved it, I was totally blown away by how deep I went. When I opened my eyes after the tapping and visualisation I could see a ball of white mist on the floor in front of me for ages.  I kept blinking but it didn't go for a while. I was convinced it was a spirit, but who knows!


I was totally shattered after and went straight to bed!  I felt hugely spiritual and connected after, and all weekend, and still now. I haven't felt this way for so long and I'm so glad I joined, and am really interested to do more.

Ellen Tobin

Hey Sarah,

Just wanted to send on a little review and let you know how I've been getting on since your AT session last week...

I was kind of lost for words when I sat down to send this...

For the first time in years I feel capable of dealing with and moving past some massive emotional blocks in my life.  

It's been a week since your ancestral trauma session and it has been so powerful and freeing for me - from that night itself to the next morning and all week now, unbelievable things have continued to "happen" for me. 

  • I'm more at peace with myself and those closest to me - compassion has replaced anger and self-pity.
  • I've spoken to family members about things I never felt I could talk about...ever! And they didn't think I was crazy or freak out - they told me they felt the same way.
  • I've had moments of clarity about relationships I felt were broken but am now breathing new life into.
  •  And then there's the doors I never thought would open...not just one, but two dream opportunities I have been working towards have fallen into my lap this week.

So thanks...though there is still lots of work for me to do in all these areas, I finally feel capable and have given myself permission to move on.

Feel free to post where you want or include my name or even that I'm a bloke in his 40s - as a bloke I always feel these things aren't for men. That is your classes as well as those of The Trailblazery and lots of other amazing women doing this work. I know there are lads groups like those we've discussed starting up in different places, but I dunno, it might be nice for people to see it works for lads too.

Sat nam,