Welcome to the Tapping Into You Membership and Community. Helping women remember who they are and transform their reality with EFT and other powerful healing tools and supportive connections

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, or feelings of overwhelm? Do you wish to connect with your spirituality and find inner peace? Look no further than the Tapping Into You Membership and Community. Our subscription offers access to exclusive resources that will guide you on your healing journey and help you tap into your true self. Whether you're dealing with past traumas, negative emotions, or simply seeking support in your growth and self-discovery process, our community is here for you. Join us and connect with others on a similar path towards emotional freedom and spiritual fulfillment.

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Member Love

"I cannot explain how much Sarah Tobin has helped me leap forward on my healing journey! It started with inspiration via her Podcast and YouTube videos, then Instagram but when she started certifying EFT Practitioners I simply knew this was the sign I had been waiting for!

It was such an amazing three days, I am still on a high weeks later! Thank you Sarah for all the magical content you put out there! I have recently joined the membership, and I LOVE it!! You are fantastic at what you do and I am so grateful that you are sharing your gifts with us.

To top it all off, the membership community that you have created is so wonderful and supportive, I feel like I am at the beginning of lots of new friendships and connections. Thank you!

Joanne Loch - www.eft-health.com 

How can the Tapping Into You Membership and Community help you?

'I've got Sarah in my pocket!'
Georgina Cooney

By joining the Tapping Into You Membership and Community, you are taking a powerful step towards emotional freedom and inner peace. Our resources and community will support you in managing daily emotions, releasing old trauma, and rewriting old beliefs that no longer serve you. With our guidance, you can change behavioural patterns that hold you back and feel lighter and freer as you tap into your true self.

Through our courses and live events, you will get to know yourself better and find your authentic voice, connecting with your soul and spirit on a deeper level. Our membership also offers resources to enhance your spiritual beliefs and connect with the unconditional love of the universe through meditation and practices. It's like having Sarah Tobin in your pocket, with help at hand on a wide variety of topics such as grief, guilt and shame, frustration and rage, self-doubt, trusting yourself, developing confidence, supporting self-care and self-love, and building healthier relationships. Join our community today and experience the transformation that comes with tapping into your true self.

Membership Options

When you join the Tier 3 - Amythest £33/month - you have access to:

  • Live Tapping Circle hosted by Sarah Tobin - this is tapping on what you are feeling at that time
  • New Moon Dream Shaping Ritual with Sarah each month
  • Bi-Monthly¬†Guest Speaker - who will share their wisdom with you every two months
  • Affirmation yin yoga, positive affirmations and breathwork with Lisa Lawton each month¬†(IG¬†@lisalotuslondon)
  • Quick Tap live - 30-minute lunchtime tapping session with Sarah each month
  • 180+ tapping video and audio files, courses, meditations, resources + more¬†
  • Discounts¬†from a host of other different¬†practitioners + healers
  • Supportive, safe, loving community
  • Social connection with others who know how you feel
  • First dibs on any retreat Sarah¬†coordinates in the future

Other Options
Tier 1 - Citrine £11 per month

Access existing pre-recorded tapping sequences, meditations, healing visualisations and resources to support you on your healing journey. The total value of everything available to you on replay alone is £1,000+.

What you'll get:

  • A growing library of Tapping Videos, currently 48 available - topics include frustration and disappointment in motherhood, loneliness, body acceptance, the mental load, vulnerability, doubt, self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, surrender, receive, trust, family conflict, procrastination, abundance, imposter syndrome and many more
  • A growing library of Meditations, currently 19 available - topics include violet flame, divine feminine, goddess, shadow balancing, womb healing, messages from your guides and loved ones, mary Magdalene chakra healing and more.
  • Resources such as a self-care planner, how-to-tap guide, tapping script template and more.

Tier 2 - Quartz £22 per month

Access to all libraries as per Tier 1 Citrine, but also get access to these courses for as long as you are a member:

- Mindset & Manifestation course £555 - change your mindset and the life around you changes. Learn how to do that.
- Self-Love Challenge £55 - 5-day challenge including tapping on self-worth, releasing guilt and shame, tapping for forgiveness and a heart meditation
- Self-Care Challenge £55 - get your self-care plans back on track with this course from Sarah and others
- Ancestral Trauma Course £132 - dive deep into your own ancestral trauma and heal with various tapping exercises and visualisations covering mother, father, sister and witch wounds.
- Intuition Course £132 - develop your spiritual side by connecting to your inner knowing with this course

You can upgrade to Tier 2 - Quartz or Tier 3 - Amethyst at any time and your existing membership will cease automatically. Keep scrolling down for all the different ways to join.

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By joining Tier 3 - Amethyst membership, you will have access to the following:

Monthly Live Tapping Circle

Each month we gather on Zoom and Tap on a collective theme of what's been troubling us on a personal level, or a sometimes a pre-chosen topic. 

All lives are recorded and saved in the library so if you are unable to attend on the day you can catch up. We have had a monthly tapping circle since May 2021! 

Bi-Monthly Guest Speaker 

Each month I invite an expert guest speaker to join us to share with us their tools, and their story. 

Previous guest speakers have focussed on Angels, Intuition and Pendulum, Crystals, Matresence, Perimenopause, Nutriton, Tarot Reading, Human Design and much more.


This is a safe and non-judgemental space for us to share, support, and connect with one another. We have a collective of women from all over the world. This community will help you feel the support and connection with all of these women on their own healing path of discovery, includes a Whatsapp group if you wish to join.

Tapping Videos & Audios

Access to a library of over 50 tapping videos or audios where you can tap along with me on a variety of topics from Self-Worth, Doubt, Self-Confidence, Surrender, Trust, Frustration & Rage, Mum Guilt, Loneliness, Overwhelm, Health Anxiety, Negative Birth Experiences, Body Acceptance, Family and Workplace Conflict, and much more. During your membership, you can watch and rewatch as many times as you need to. 

Courses + Resources

With your membership you will also have access to my 5-Day Self-Love Challenge, my series of Ancestral Trauma Workshops and my Mindset & Manifestation Course. 

These courses can help you learn how to support yourself by releasing what isn't yours, and what isn't serving you and finding your way to self-love. You'll also learn tools to change your mindset allowing you to manifest the life you desire.

Exclusive Member Discounts

As a member of the community, you also have access to discounts from other amazing providers covering; Human Design, Emotion + Body Code, Angel Readings, Family Constellations Sessions, Reiki, PT sessions, Flower Remedies, Child's Sleep Coach, Atlantean Healing and more.

Moon Magic

Each month Sarah will guide you in a New Moon Ritual, with guidance on each month's energy - including rituals, journaling affirmations, and maybe Tapping and/or meditation.

Affirmation Yin

Each month hostess Lisa Lawton will guide us on a beautiful yin yoga sequence journey reinforced with positive affirmations ending in a beautiful breathwork release.

Social Connections

As Members I encourage you all to share your social media handles to connect with each other in multiple ways on their terms. There is also an opportunity to create and connect to fellow members via WhatsApp.

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Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am a qualified EFT Tapping practitioner and trainer. I'm also a Reiki Master, Rahanni Practitioner, and have trained in Matrix Reimprinting, Birth Matrix Reimprinting and Light Matrix Visualisation. 

Having found Tapping after we lost our daughter Alice I knew I had to teach this effective tool to as many mums around the world as possible.

I know the importance of releasing trauma, letting go of negative emotions, the power of positive thinking, and how love heals all. I created this Membership + Community to share these techniques and tools to help more people heal the past so they can live a happy future.

I've been using EFT Tapping since May 2015 and trained as a practitioner in June 2018. I use it in my day-to-day life which supported me when I went on to have two sons, one by planned caesarean and the other by VBAC. 

Over the past nearly 8 years I've remembered I am a spiritual person, a divine soul having a human experience. I'm bringing those divine inspirations and expansions into the membership to support you on your spiritual journey as well as support your emotional, mental and physical needs too.

I walk the walk and work on myself every day and I cannot wait to see you in the Community xx

What is EFT Tapping and how can it help?

EFT Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, is a powerful tool that can help you overcome emotional and physical challenges in your life. It is a tool that hacks the mind allowing it to believe it is safe. It involves tapping on specific acupressure points while focusing on a specific issue or emotion. This technique helps to rewire the brain's response to stress and trauma, leading to a sense of safety and calmness.

By tapping on these points, you can release negative emotions and beliefs that may be holding you back in life. This can include anxiety, depression, pain, cravings, and more. Through regular practice of EFT tapping, you can create positive changes in your mindset and behavior patterns, leading to a happier and healthier life. Our membership offers resources and live events focused on EFT tapping, so join today and start experiencing the transformative power of this technique.

With our membership app on Kajabi, it's easier than ever to incorporate tapping into your busy life. You can access our resources and community at any time and place that is convenient for you via the Kajabi app. Whether it's during your lunch break, naptime or while in the bath, you can tap into your inner power and connect with our community whenever you need it.

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Tier 1 - Citrine
Monthly Membership

Monthly membership of £11 per calendar month.

Join Now £11/mth

Tier 2 - Quartz
Monthly Membership

Monthly membership of £22 per calendar month.

Join Now £22/mth

Tier 3 - Amethyst
Monthly Membership

Monthly membership of £33 per calendar month

Join Now £33/mth

Tier 1 - Citrine
6-Month Membership

Pay for 6 months upfront and receive one month free.
(No refunds)

Join Now £55/6mths

Tier 2 - Quartz
6-Month Membership

Pay for 6 months upfront and receive one month free.
(No refunds)

Join Now £110/6mths

Tier 3 - Amethyst
6-Month Membership

Pay for 6 months upfront and receive one month free.
(No refunds)

Join Now £165/6mths


A Source Of Comfort

"Sarah has been a great source of comfort and has provided a lot of tools to help me on this journey called Life and motherhood. Through all the ups and downs it's great to have a like-minded community of women who share the same interests. Love being part of the membership and it's always an interesting topic that Sarah covers. Definitely recommend Sarah and her magic."

Healing + Expansion

"Joining Sarah’s community has been huge for me. I believe so much of my healing has been unlocked thanks to the work she does, and the community she has created. The content of the community is phenomenal it has helped me expand and open up so much. I feel like I’ve grown and continue to grow each day! I am beyond thankful for this community and so grateful every day it fell into my lap."

Exploring You

"Sarah's membership truly is one of those incredible things. Its a beautiful safe space where women come together, lead so expertly by Sarah, to explore who they truly are and are encouraged to really step into and own their own power.

It is a gorgeous, light-filled community and one which I feel so blessed to be a part of." 

Be Inspired

“You've inspired me greatly to do some more healing work for myself and I feel wonderful having done the Ancestral Trauma workshop. It was enjoyable, informative, thought-provoking, felt so safe and was wonderfully good for the soul”


"I just had to email and tell you what a big energy shift I've felt since last nights workshop. I feel like I've been able to let go of the limiting beliefs that have been stopping me from growing. My future self feels like such a positive presence today"

Deep Healing

"Sarah... the womb healing is soooo powerful and amazing. I just had to thank you. I bawled my eyes out and heaved a little too but felt a massive realisation/ shift. Unbelievable. 

Thank you so so much"


"My life has literally been transformed since joining this Membership. I have gone from surviving to thriving since joining in December of 2021. It's been the best decision I have ever made in regard to putting myself first in my life.

I have learned to tap, meditate, use oracle cards,  and gotten back to using my crystals daily. Tapping has helped me to shift my perspective and release enormous amounts of deeply buried emotions.

The community that you envisioned, created and now holds space for is light-filled, and love-filled.

My own healing journey has transformed my life so powerfully and incredibly in the three months, that I myself barely recognize the new me.

If you are not sure if joining¬†this membership is the right thing for you; ask yourself this question- ‚ÄúDo I want to be standing in the same place in 3 months?‚ÄĚ. I can say this from the bottom of my heart, you will never regret the time you spend working on yourself, tending the body-mind-soul and spirit".¬†

Mary-Beth, Alaska, Member for 2.5 years.
Image of Turnagain Arm taken by Mary-Beth.

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