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Tapping / EFT Meditation Period Pain Relief

Jan 30, 2019
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Are you fed-up of having period pain every month? I was too, and having suffered debilitating endometriosis since I was 15 I know all about bad period pain. A few months ago I started to tap during bad boughts of period pain and it worked! I hadn’t tapped on physical pain before I so I was really happy that it worked for this too. I did it in the middle of the night and I fell right back asleep, the pain gone.
I’ve recorded a tapping script for you to help with your pain. Like always please use your words if they fit better - mine are only a guide.
I use phrases such as, ‘I am safe’, ‘Letting go does not have to be painful’, ‘this is a natural process’, ‘I choose to have a pain free period’ in an attempt to reprogram the mind to know that cramping of the uterus does not need to cause us pain. I believe the more we tap on this the less we’ll experience period pain. Period.
If you do try this during your period please let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear your results.

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