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Tapping / EFT Meditation - for Empaths / Highly Sensitive People

eft emotional freedom technique empaths healing highly sensitive people self healing tapping tapping for mums Dec 07, 2018
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Most of us are wonderful creatures that can relate to others, feel empathy, apathy and who generally care about other people. I believe we are all born like this as I see this with my son Josh (10 months) and he cries every time Casper cries. I believe he can genuinely feel it, the pain in Casper emanating outward and Josh’s senses pick up on it. At some point we realise that that is not our pain and it doesn’t affect us as much.

I believe that the cells in our body (and our aura too) act as receptors which pick up on the joy and pain of others - we often feel this culminating in our heart or our solar plexus (stomachs) but in fact every cell in our body has the ability to do this.

However LOTS of us are absorbing the pain and emotions of others a little too much. I’ve been working with clients recently and we’ve been having light bulb moments about this. They’ve said, ‘I don’t think this pain is mine’ - BINGO. Over the years the term ‘Empaths' has been used a lot. The dictionary describes it as, ‘a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual’. I personally don’t think this is ‘paranormal’ and in fact I think more of us than ever before has this superpower!

Do people say, 'you're so sensitive' like it's a bad thing? Well I don't believe it is a bad thing except if you are taking on the negative energy of others as if it is your own. That's when your own energy and health can be affected.

This tapping meditation talks about releasing that energy that we’ve absorbed from others, and it is about reclaiming our power and putting up a boundary to protect ourselves. I want everyone to continue being their unique, beautiful, sensitive selves and continue to help others but also while protecting their own energy so they can continue to give and support others in a healthy way.

If we are an empath, I believe it is very likely that our children are or will be too. If we help ourselves and learn how to not take on the emotions of others, we’ll be able to help our children do the same.

If you find this useful please use it regularly as a form of self-care to protect yourself and keep yourself in a strong powerful state, happy in your own energy - while still helping others. Use it daily or weekly or just after bad interactions with people, or when you feel tired and don’t know why.

Let me know what you think and please share with all the wonderful sensitive people in your lives xx

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