Tapping into Podcast: Season 5 Ep 5 Tapping into Family Constellation with Julie Williams

ancestral trauma family constellations generational trauma podcast Jun 15, 2023
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Tapping into Podcast: Season 5 Ep 5 Tapping into Family Constellation with Julie Williams

Welcome to Season 5 Episode 5 of the Tapping into Podcast!

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In this week’s episode I chat with Julie Williams, a healer and scientist who shares with us today part of the work she does within her Consciousness Medicine Practice. We discuss family constellations and Julie makes this entirely accessible and understandable for us all.

Julie looks at family energies and how the family soul is impacted through ancestral suffering. We consider how we take on the suffering of our ancestors, why this happens and how it impacts upon us. We discuss how we can heal ancestral suffering and also the shadow elements. Julie’s approach to this shows us how we can take our true place in our family container and live our true purpose.

 Key takeaways

  • Constellation work untangles us and brings forward ancestral strengths
  • Our ancestors don’t want us to live with their suffering
  • We can repattern our subconscious loyalties
  • When issues are out and talked about ancestral suffering can heal

I hope you enjoy this conversation and take away so much from it.

About Julie: 

Julie Williams, Healer and Scientist, combines her love for science together with extensive training in holistic and sacred healing arts for a powerful combination with a heart-based approach. She holds a degree in Biology with practitioner certifications in Family Constellations, Naturopathy, Energy Medicine, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Neuro-Muscular Massage, Ayurvedic Yoga, Shamanism, and Intuitive Arts.

Inspired to create a natural healing method that could promote deep and lasting change, she weaves together her diverse background into a practice called Consciousness Medicine. This work leverages the mind-body connection at a deep and multi-dimensional level to identify the source of an issue and promote transformation on all levels of being: physical, emotional, energetic, ancestral and spiritual. 

Family Constellation Work is a foundational component of her work and in her clinical practice has seen it change so many lives for the better.   After experiencing profound changes in her own life with Family Constellations, she went on to study with the leaders in the field including Bert Hellinger becoming a facilitator in 2005.  Since then, she has created her own style of working with the Movements of the Family Soul. These are the five main elements that bring forward a soul transformation to release the burden of suffering and embrace the empowering forces of life. 

Julie is the founder of the Centre for Consciousness Medicine offering courses, workshops, retreats and 1:1 sessions for personal growth and professional development.

Connect with Julie:

Website: www.consciousness-medicine.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CentreforConsciousnessMedicine

Instagram: www.instagram.com/julie_williams_cxmed/

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/julie-williams-cxmed

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About Sarah:

Sarah is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping Practitioner and Trainer based in the UK but originally from Dublin, Ireland. After the loss of her daughter Alice, in November 2014, suffering from severe PTSD and anxiety, she became pregnant again. This led her to seek help from a local EFT Practitioner. This technique completely transformed her life and she is now dedicated to supporting as many people as possible to let go of their trauma, grief, limiting beliefs and negative emotions, so they can live a heart-based, joy-filled life.

Sarah has a thriving Tapping into Motherhood Membership + Community with members all over the world - the doors are open right now. Find out more here>

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She runs retreats, works with clients 1:1 and is also a Trainer, teaching people to become EFT Practitioners. 

Find out more at her at www.tappingformums.com  or follow her at www.instagram.com/sarah_tobin

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