I AM Awake Tapping / EFT Meditation to aid ascension

ascension eft tapping Dec 08, 2020
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I AM Awake Tapping Meditation – to aid ascension symptoms and embody more light

What is Ascension?

What does it mean to ‘awaken’ / ‘wake up’?

A lot of people are experiencing physical tension, symptoms and fear in their bodies that are actually linked to Ascension. Some people are aware of this and know exactly what it means whereas for the majority this term is quite new, and we may not consciously know what it means.

Ascension means to rise up – often we can also say ‘awaken’. I’ve been on this journey for a while now which actually started in my early 20s when I was introduced to Reiki and trained in it. But was flung onto that path again after our daughter Alice died November 2014.

In this video, I do my best to explain ‘ascension’ in simple terms for those who are very new to this. I use a computer game analogy that I hope helps. Please let me know if you’ve any questions on this.

Symptoms of Ascension

Some symptoms of ascension can include (some of all of these at different times – please remember to seek professional help if these symptoms are ongoing and don’t ease up within a few days) – also drink lots of water and rest when you are experiencing these things.

  • Headaches, migraines, fuzzy head

  • Spiritual flu

  • Dizziness

  • High pitched ringing in the ears

  • Fluttering of the thymus behind the sternum

  • Blurry or sore eyes, or twitchy eyes

  • Sore muscles and joints

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Lethargy

  • Sinuses running / sneezing

  • Sore back, neck and shoulders

  • Tears flowing, overly emotional

  • A growing need to break free

  • Relationship strains and changes

  • Career dissatisfaction

  • Strong desire to find purpose

  • Change of diet – vegetarian / vegan for example

  • Increased intuition

  • Creative inspiration

  • Wanting physical space and time alone

Tapping Meditation

I’ve decided to share with you below the words I use in this meditation so you can use them in your way if you like. Tapping in the video starts around 12 minutes in.

For those new to tapping, please just tap along with me copying what I do and say, or let the words wash over you and imagine that tapping is taking place.

First, tune into your body, tune into any symptoms you’ve been feeling, on a scale of 0-10 how are you feeling – 10 feeling the worst. It’s good to take a temperature check before you start, and we’ll do it at the end too. 

Karate chop point x 3 (tapping on the side of your hand, the side you would use to do a karate chop!)

Even though I’m struggling right now with all of these emotions and symptoms in my body, I choose to love and accept myself anyway

Even though I’m finding these symptoms very heavy in my body and I’m finding holding more light really hard, I choose to love and accept myself anyway

Even though I’m experiencing a lot of fear because of the changes and symptoms I’m feeling in my body, and I’m experiencing tiredness, anxiety, sadness and lots of other negative emotions, I choose to love and accept myself anyway.

Points: Top of head, start of eyebrow, side of eye at temple, under eye, under nose, chin, collar bones (fleshy part under the bone), under arm (at bra strap), wrist, then every finger – squeeze either side of the fingernail bed. Tap one sentence per point, tap about 5-7 times per point. Don’t worry if you forget one just keep going.

Starting to tap now at the top of the head and down: 

All this fear in my chest

All this anxiety in my body

These symptoms have been hard for me

I don’t know what’s happening to me

I don’t like uncertainty

I don’t feel safe

How can this be good for me?

Are they testing me?

I feel so anxious

I don’t know why it has to be so hard

I’m so afraid of what’s happening to my body, mind and soul

I don’t like change

What if I change

What if my whole world needs to change?

What if I’m not ready for that

I’m not sure I asked for this process

It’s been so hard

I've felt a lot of pain and sadness in my body

It’s scary when it comes out of the blue for no reason

I don’t always know what it is

That scares me

Sometimes I’m afraid I’m dying

Or that somethings wrong with me

I feel the world around me crumbling

It’s so scary sometimes

This year has been so hard

I’m afraid of what I’m being asked to give up

What if I have to go back and heal?

Am I ready to face that yet?

Why is this happening to me

There is so much I don’t understand

Why do I have to experience this trauma and or loss

Maybe it didn’t happen to me?

Maybe it is happening for me?

Maybe this is much bigger than I can comprehend

Maybe that’s ok for me right now

Maybe I don’t need to understand the big picture

Maybe I just need to take baby steps and trust the process

Maybe I need to be more grounded and present

I choose to release all the fear and anxiety now

I choose to let go of anything holding me back

I choose to release myself of these symptoms now

I choose to embody all of the light I can handle right now, without the symptoms

I choose to let go of ‘I’m not good enough’

I choose to let go of ‘I’m not worthy’

I call all parts of me home now into my body

I release and heal all beliefs that do not serve my highest self

I release and heal all patterns that do not serve my highest self

I release and heal all beliefs that do not serve my highest self

I release and heal all karma that do not serve my highest self

And the world right now

I choose to dismantle all programming that influences me consciously or subconsciously

I step away from the narratives that hold me back

I do not need these in my life any more

I all back my power now

I dismantle and release myself from any energy that is enslaving me

In any shape or form

From this life or others and across all dimensions

I call in the violet flame to transmute ancestral, karmic disease, distortions, conditions, vows and curses

I call back any energy that I have willingly or unwillingly given away or had taken from me across all time, directions and dimensions

I choose to forgive myself for any indiscretions and wrap myself in compassion now

I choose to forgive anyone, anything or any experience that keeps me enslaved or attached to the past now.

I am receiving this new light and purse source energy now

I am receiving all downloads and energetic technology that I need right now to assist me

All of this energy flows to me with ease and grace

I integrate and process this energy with ease

My cells welcome this healing energy

My body, mind and soul know that this energy will benefit me greatly

I ground into mother earth

I connect with earth’s energy

I feel safe and supported

I lean in and trust the process

My DNA activates with this new energy

I remember all that I need at this time

Codes in my physical and energetic body are being activated now

I release all negative emotion with ease now

I choose to let go

I choose to surrender

All that does not serve me is falling away

I do not fear this change

I welcome this change

I embrace this new energy and healing

The time is now

I’ve been practising for this for lifetimes

My soul knows exactly what to do

I am prepared

I call forth all of my gifts now through space and time to return home to integrate into my life

I am not alone

I stand with my fellow beautiful souls

We are ascending together now

We choose to be here together

We chose to aid ascension for our fellow humans

I allow myself to surrender to the greater plan, whatever that is

It all starts with love

I lean into the love

I let more love in

I let go of my heart defences

I let love into my heart

I expand my capacity to embody more light

I am love

Love is all there is

Love is all around me

I am worthy of all the joy love and abundance the universe has to offer

U request support from the higher realms to assist me

I allow myself to be supported

I allow a shift in my body now

It’s safe to let go

It’s safe to be me

It’s safe to be the light the world needs right now

One more smile in the world

One more hug or offer of support

One more drop of compassion

One more thought for someone else

One more step towards openness

I return to my original self now

I evolve and grow at an easy and comfortable pace

I allow it all to happen now

I remember my divinity and my sovereignty

I am divine

I am awake

I am awake

I am awake



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