The last 5 minutes before you to go sleep are the most important part of your day

bed time routine eft tapping Mar 16, 2020
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Your subconscious mind operates at 95% operating power while the conscious mind runs at 5%. The subconscious mind does what it’s told and ‘acts out’ what the conscious mind tells it to do. It has no free will. It does as it is told. The subconscious mind also develops its own safety strategy in response to threats to physical safety and its sense of self. So positive people, with positive thoughts and experiences instruct their subconscious to act out positive desires and vice versa. Understanding this is a key part to manifesting the life we want.

The 5 minutes before you sleep is a crucial time to plant the seeds from the conscious to the subconscious, giving it the instruction on what to ‘act out’ and what to ‘draw to you/manifest’ while you sleep.  So right now, at this time when we are bombarded with fear from all angles including from within, it is even more important that we consciously prepare for sleep and are careful about what we think during those last 5 minutes before drifting off.

Lack of sleep or poor sleep could be triggering us even more and increasing our state of anxiety and fear. Keeping us in the Fight Flight Freeze mode longer than we want to or need to be.

So here are some tips and ideas on things you can do right before you sleep (some or all, what ever you feel drawn to do), and it starts a bit earlier with a calming routine.

  • Start preparing for bed early, maybe around 9 or 9.30

  • Have a hot shower or bath

  • If having a bath, add magnesium salts and maybe essential oils like lavender to make you sleepy

  • I often add crystals to my bath too such as rose and clear quartz

  • You could also use a magnesium spray on your skin before bed

  • If you feel there is a lot going on in your brain, get a journal and write out some of those thoughts - get them out now

  • Take some time to write or think of some positive thoughts from the day to be grateful of e.g. mindful play or an an unexpected kiss 

  • Guided meditation - you can download the @calm app or @insighttimer for an array of amazing guided meditations so pick whatever suits your mood

  • Tapping meditation - you could do some tapping to release any anxiety, or do my ‘go to sleep tapping meditation’ find it on You Tube Tapping for Mums - you can also do invisible tapping, so imagine that you are tapping rather than physically doing it

  • Sound healing

    • Sound bath - you could listen to my lovely friend Tom’s sound bath he’s recorded for us all - find it on his website homepage:

    • High frequency healing music - I’ve been doing this for nearly a year. I search “high frequency healing sound” in You Tube and there is an array of various vibrational music that you can listen to that heals your body while you sleep

    • Healing affirmation music - you can also listen to nice healing music with affirmations all through the night so search “healing affirmations sleep” and choose one. I really like the “I AM” one.

  • Visualisation - so here you can take yourself to your own paradise, far away from the troubles of the day and get creative. Visualise the life you would like to have. Visualise the healing you’d like to see in the world. Bring white or golden light into the top of your head and down into your body and into the earth, see it spread under the earth and into the energetic grid systems - like a crystalline network and healing the world inside out. Engulf the whole world in this beautiful pure healing energy. Immerse yourself in it and let yourself drift off to sleep

I’m sure lots of you have brilliant ideas on what you do to prepare for sleep and in particular be calm, relaxed and grounded in those last 5 minutes just before you drift off. That Alpha state that is proven to boost creativity and reduce depression.

I wish you all at this time a peaceful night sleep


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