Tapping Meditation to Reduce the 'Coronacoaster' of emotions & boost self love

eft tapping Apr 24, 2020
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It is the end of week 5 of lockdown in the UK during the Coronavirus / Covid19 pandemic. I feel like it's been the peak of my negative emotions culminating in a meltdown, which tears and tapping relieved. I'm sharing this with you all as I feel we can all relate to this in some way. (Scroll down to video).

My wonderful friend Katy Baker of The Birth Thing coined the mix of emotions we are experiencing as the 'Coronacoaster' and I could not think of a better term for what we are going through right now. On one hand we are so eternally grateful for so many things and on the other we're experiencing frustration, overwhelm, anger, worthlessness and so much more.

We are being triggered way beyond the usual average day. We are in constant Fight, Flight, Freeze mode, with many of us unable to sleep well, reaching for the chocolates, biscuits, crisps and wine (me included). So, I've recorded this video today to help release these myriad of emotions.

I’m calling this the ‘Frustrated Adaptation Stage’ of the pandemic!

The 5 stages of grief are – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Sometimes I’m having all of these in one day. It is a proper roller coaster of emotions that I am feeling especially this week. However what I do know is, every emotion we have is valid. 100% valid.

An emotion is like our radar system, it is telling us something is up and needs addressing – now we know that’s true right now eh?! Our body and mind is like a super sensor and just picks up on the world around us all day long, feeding internally and then our brain decides what is perceived as a threat and what isn’t. Lack of certainty and a threat to physical safety is what we are all experiencing right now amongst other things. That then kicks tarts the Fight Flight Freeze response. This is completely normal. The thing is we’re now hitting chronic levels of cortisol and adrenaline, and we’re often feeling stagnant energy and procrastination (the freeze response). Again all normal, but we need something to break us out of this cycle.

Many of us don’t have access to the resources or plans we have in place to deal with anxiety or other mental health issues. This can be extremely overwhelming and frustrating and even saddening. If you are worried about your mental state I would encourage you to phone your GP and have a chat with them to see what they can offer to help.

The proposed solution by Kubler Ross on his grief cycle to the depression stage is ‘emotional support’ so there is no better time to start Tapping. This is your emotional support.

Tapping acts by sending a signal to the brain to program it to believe it feels safe. It will turn off the production of cortisol and adrenaline and we will feel lighter and often feel a 'shift' of some kind. Maybe a yawn or shedding a releasing few tears.

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Sending so much love at this time and thank you for watching, please leave a comment if this has helped you, and if you have any questions please get in touch (details below video).

Even if you’ve never done Tapping before, please just join along with me it is easy to get the hang of. If you want to skip my pre-amble the tapping starts around 15 minutes and total length is 31 mins.



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