Tapping Meditation for Coronavirus Induced Anxiety and Fear

coronovirus letting go tapping Mar 12, 2020
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How is your anxiety right now? I bet with the current news, as at 12th March, with the Coronavirus just classified as a pandemic, your anxiety levels are not doing so great.

I wanted to share with you some thoughts on how you can use Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique to reduce your anxiety and panic levels to get you to a base level of feeling more grounded and calm. From that position you are more likely to make better decisions for you and your family. Follow me as I take you through a tapping script (feel free to wash your hands before you do this!!) to reduce your anxiety.

Tapping actively communicates a signal to the amygdala in the brain (the part of the brain that manages fear) to stop the Fight Flight Freeze response that we are all in right now. Do this meditation any time you feel your anxiety is rising, bring yourself back to a baseline quickly rather than letting the fear keep building.

All it will do is increase the stress response in your body. The more stressed you are the more it will negatively affect your immune system. It's ok to feel all this anxiety. It's human and natural and we're also picking up on everyone else's panic emotions and behaviours.

But we do have tools to release it. Because we don't NEED to feel it. We can manage through this whole pandemic from a place of calm and love with the right tools and protection of ourselves, our energy and of our family.

If you haven’t started Tapping yet have you wondered why I talk about it so much?!? Now might be good time to give it a go! Tap along with me and rate yourself and your anxiety on a scale of -10 to +10 at the start of the tapping meditation and then afterwards to see how different you are feeling. Comment below and let me know how you got on.

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