Reflections on 2022 and a lesson in ‘Expansion’

year review Dec 17, 2022

At the end of 2021, I ran a Manifesting workshop and in that session, I chose my word for the year – I chose Expansion.

I wanted to grow my business, reach more people, become a trainer, create a virtual team of support and create more abundance in my life. I also wanted to create more balance – to work less, earn more!!

So how did that go?

  • I trained 46 women in the UK + Ireland across four training sessions
  • I recorded two podcast series – 3 + 4, and interviewed 17 amazing guests from Ireland to Australia including my spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell, EFT Researcher Dr Peta Stapleton, Cat Sims of Not So Smug Now, Psychologist Anna Mathur, and Natalie Lee of Style Me Sunday
  • Podcast download figures for the year were: 9,988 (haha so close!)
  • Top podcast downloads were (highest to lowest):
  • I dabbled with some FB ads to reach a new audience – more to do next year!
  • I launched a Self-Care Quiz to help people work out what area of their lives need more focus – mind, emotions, body or soul
  • I hired a virtual assistant, technical virtual assistant, podcast producer, and some facebook ads support
  • The membership has grown with 50 new members taking us to over 100 global members from Alaska, to Germany, Spain, UK + Ireland and I am SO grateful for each one of them
  • I ran a retreat in September for 36 people in the Peak District which was awesome and still really haven't put into words how it made me feel
  • I've had 84 1-to-1 client sessions! I've loved every single one.

So yes you could say I have expanded! It’s been amazing, I've worked hard and I feel so grateful for the year I’ve had. However, it has also come with some challenges and I didn’t quite realise that my intention for expansion would also push me personally….

The Real Lesson

I really should have realised that I can’t have expansion in only one area of my life. If I’m calling it in, it's going to come into ALL aspects of my life 🤦🏻‍♀️

My quest for expansion has brought me experiences that would challenge my view of myself. It made me look a lot deeper into who I am, brought up old patterns I thought I'd left behind, very old wounds that I've been carrying for lifetimes, made me feel extremely uncomfortable, also made me feel so alive and grateful, made me doubt myself and question my thoughts (my negative voice became so loud at times – reverting to the critical voice of old that I thought I had gotten rid of!) Ha!

I’ve learnt that in order to expand we also have to contract. We have to go within, to see, to learn, to acknowledge, to accept, to love all parts of ourselves. This is still a work in progress. The insight and wisdom that has come to me this year have just landed in the last few weeks, so it has taken a while for me to see the bigger picture. And that’s ok too. 

During one of the most intense weeks this summer I also received the name and synopsis of the book I want to write. It just dropped into my head and I've been waiting for that for around two years!

This has all been in perfect divine timing. I've meant to go through this period of contraction and reflection so that I can evolve and revolve through it to the next stage of my journey.

How I supported myself

I thought I’d share some of the things I did this year to support my healing evolution:

  • I started connecting to the Akashic Records (an etheric record of everything our soul has ever experienced through time and dimensions). It was calling me since January but I didn't step into it until June. I mostly do this by saying an opening and closing prayer and then I write down what comes to me. I also now am doing this for clients – I’ll share more about this soon. A message I just got two days ago was: "When you see all, you can accept all, and become whole".
  • I’ve written in my journal more this year than ever before. To be honest journaling hasn’t really been one of my tools, but I leaned into it this year and I’m so grateful now I have a record of how I’ve been feeling in different months of the year.
  • I’ve been using our Membership Full Moon Meditations with friend Kelly Day to reflect on the previous month like never before and also use her meditations to help me let go.
  • I’ve been more aware of setting intentions for things I want and do. I'm starting to use the 369 method and journal to be very conscious of what I want to create.
  • I’ve had distant energy healings with Lisa from Blue Rose Oracle, Nichola Andrews, Sarah Hunt, Kelly Day and Dot Winters
  • I’ve been necking bottles of Saskia’s Flower Essences (use code TAPPING for 10% off here>)
  • I’ve had amazing support from my Tarot Reader Caroline helping me understand that I have been anchoring down new energy into my energy field and I’ve needed to ground down into that more. I highly recommend her if you are not using her already.
  • I’ve leant into Tapping for my own personal release, and my critical voice has quietened down a lot.
  • I’ve learned more about my true nature via Human Design – I’ve been listening to podcasts and just recently got myself a blueprint of my human design with a 55-page personal report. I’m learning to ‘inform’ more than I have been, as I am a Manifester – and that’s aiding my relationships and helping me feel more seen, and I am learning to be more vulnerable.
  • I’ve subscribed to the app The Pattern. This has been amazing actually. There is a free version but I upgraded. You enter in your astrology details and you learn more about your pattern (personality traits) but I also like the Timing section – so it shares with you key timings that you are transitioning and gives you total dates for that with peak dates too, for example this last few months I've seen these:
    • New beginnings: cycle length 27 March 2021 to 4 Dec 2022
    • Finding happiness within: cycle length 1 Feb 2022 to 23 Oct 2022
    • Expect the unexpected: cycle length 17 June 2022-26 April 2023
    • Relationship shifts: cycle length 18 May 2022 to 26 March 2023
    • Within each timeline, it gives a really in-depth explanation of what’s going on for you, the peak dates for this energy and some tips to navigate it.
  • I’m also learning more about the Shadow and I feel next year I’ll be leaning into this a lot more for both my own personal growth and to support and guide my members and clients to do the same.
  • Just a few days ago I watched a video of Peter Kelly explaining how the journey of life is a spiral of three dimensions - really recommend his video here> and his poetry and work here>

Despite sometimes feeling uncomfortable I am so grateful for these experiences as I know they've come up now for a reason, and I know there has been a gift in them. I feel like this is preparation for a big and deep healing that is coming my way and that release is also for a good reason. The whole time I've really leant into trust. Through the uncertainty and confusion, I've found deep faith. I knew it was all part of the bigger plan. And the energy coming in on one hand was really awesome, I feel it's settling now and I'm interested to see where this goes in 2023.

It’s been really nice to reflect on this year of what I’ve achieved and also how I’ve felt and how I’ve navigated it all. How I’m still navigating it of course. I will be continuing with the practices I've found so supportive this year too - and I am exploring other tools such as mushrooms!

I've been writing this blog for a few days now and after I wrote some words yesterday I went onto IG for a quick scroll as you do and I saw this from @spiritdaughter and felt it really summed up my 2022 reflection. 

As I look ahead to 2023 I feel like my word is going to be 'Acceptance' and I feel excited to see what that brings on a deep level.

And I also saw this (@subconsciously.conscious), laughed and felt this was me heading into 2023!!


I invite you to take some time to reflect on 2022. Did you have a word for the year? If so what did that intention bring you? I'd love to hear it if you'd like to share here or with me directly - [email protected]. Also, have a think about what word you might want to choose for 2023? For Members I am running a Manifesting Workshop in mid-Jan to work through this and set some soul-led intentions for the year ahead.

Thank you so much for reading this and for being part of a truly wonderful year, I feel so grateful for it all.


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