Alice's Message. Age 5.

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Today Alice is FIVE. And it feels like a little milestone somehow, like 5, 10, 15 would be somehow important. It feels like such a short time ago and feels like a lifetime ago since she was born. Soooooo much has happened in those five years and mostly really great things to be honest. I don’t feel sad today. I really thought I would and have been building up to this since November 1st, but the sadness hasn’t come the way it has in the past.

So, there is a reason for my blog post today. I recently signed up for a pass that gave me access to hot pod yoga for 10 days. I went four times. It’s a purple inflatable tent structure that you go into, there are heaters but also dehumidifiers so its not a sweatbox, and they close the door with a zip. I really loved it. During the yoga Alice visited my thoughts on three different sessions, as if she was there in my presence, often how I connect with her in meditative state or at bedtime. It might have been because it was warm and cosy and it felt safe, or because I was shutting out the noise of my daily existence and tuning inward. 

I received a clear message from her just two nights ago during a yoga session. On the drive home I turned the memo app on my phone and spoke what came to me. There was a realisation in this that I have not consciously thought of before which I found really powerful (which I felt came from Alice), and there are other lessons laced in here that I know in my conscious mind as I’ve been unfolding them and remembering them over the last five years.

During the last five years I have actively turned to spirit or spirituality for teachings, healings, knowledge and power to support myself and as it turns out others too. That is how I’ve found Tapping (or Emotional Freedom Technique), but I’ve also stopped eating meat and drinking milk, I try meditation a lot more often, I tune into myself and my emotions more too. I’m not holier than thou don’t you worry, I still love a good gin and sometimes a little too much!

I really (we really) hope you find something in this message that comforts you, heals you, supports you, empowers you and ultimately awakens you just a little bit more.

Ok, here goes, deep breath!!! 

“We are not meant to suffer. Human beings are not meant to suffer. That is not an objective of life on earth. Pain is separation from love. So, any time we feel pain we do not feel love. They are polar opposites on the emotion scale.  

Alice does not feel pain from being separated from me and our family, because she does not believe that she is separated from us. She is part of me, she is with me, she is part of you, she’s connected to everything, that was and everything that is and she is just pure love. And this goes for everyone. 

Her message is, and what she wants you to know, is that we are not disconnected from anyone. Separation is a human belief/condition/behaviour that has served particular people – societies, corporates, governments, systems and that we’re not meant to feel separate. We are meant to feel part of a collective, part of a community, part of society, connected to all things (plants, animals, places) and just to love one another. As Jesus said ‘love each other deeply, and love each other as I have loved you’.  We are meant to do that at its simplest expression and meaning, not what religion would have you do. 

Alice wants us to know that we can focus on love and we can stay connected to loved ones and that we don’t need to grieve their loss, because we will be together again, but also we are with them now. When you miss someone just think of them and they are right there with you. Their energy is summoned and their love is present you just have to let it in. You don’t have to do anything special to connect with them. And you can connect with them deeper through meditation or even in the yoga practice I just did, in which this message came to me. Talk to them, have a conversation, see what you get back. Be open. There is no separation, we are just bodies of love, and we need to choose and act from a place of love not from a place of fear. Separation is fear. Separation causes pain. 

If you look at the world through the lens of love, oneness, wholeness, connectedness, then you won’t feel that pain because your perception shifts, your guidance shifts. You realise there is something bigger going on here, and ever since we lost Alice I’ve been going deeper into the spiritual world that I was already a part of and was already a part of me. Having lost someone so tragically and deeply I wanted to make sense of it and I turned to the things that gave me comfort in the past. 

I read books, I listened to podcasts, I busied myself rightly or wrongly, I engaged in healing, I found Tapping, I helped others, I wrote, I talked - well I wrote first and found speaking about it harder but I’m more comfortable with it now, because I’ve accepted this path and this journey. In ways I believe what happened with Alice was my journeyto awakening, to realising a bigger truth in the world. That we all know deep down. None of this is new. This is all part of our DNA and our subconscious, I believe we’ve carried this information for many lifetimes. We are all here right now at this time at a pivotal moment, we’ve all chosen to be here and as difficult as it sounds that includes choosing our wounds and our pains because it gives us a unique opportunity. By choosing love coming from a place of suffering and choosing the empowerment of healing we have a huge impact on the world. The more that have that approach to dealing with our pain the greater we all going to be. As I heal. You heal. As I let go. We all let go. The matrix that defines us, the system that shapes us is not the truth and we can find a new way. We are finding a new way. I know you can feel that change. We are creating heaven on earth. We are building happiness, abundance and joy for all, and that comes with letting go. We cannot invite joy, love and abundance into our lives if we are wound up so tight with pain and suffering. There is no space. 

I implore you if this resonates, to seek out conscious guidance of what you already know. Activate what you already know in your subconscious. Learn more, question more, tune in more, don’t be afraid of your emotions. Your emotions are there for a reason, they serve as a signal and an opportunity for you to let go. You can do that through tapping, through breathwork, through movement like yoga or dancing, through singing, through writing or drawing, or by making something beautiful with your hands, with your heart. Pouring love into something with the intention of healing and letting go, is all you need to do. It doesn’t have to be hard. Please don’t be afraid of letting go of pain because all that is waiting to fill you back up again is love. And you don’t need to hold the pain because we are not meant to suffer. Releasing and healing with heal yourself and everyone around you.

The more we heal, the happier we feel.

This is what I’ve learnt in the last five years of Alice. She is my guide, my star, my love, my friend, my supporter who is rooting for me and all of us together”. End of message!

Alice has always got my back xx

Today I just feel love. Pure unconditional love from all things and to all things.

Thank you for reading this. Please let me know if it resonates here below or on social media, and please share Alice’s message – she likes the limelight as you probably already know.

Thanks too for all of the wonderful messages of support we’ve had from day one, the love and compassion from people all over the world really did and does make a difference to our healing. It spurs me on. 

Final thank yous go to my rock Dave and our two gorgeous boys that fill our hearts. And to close family and friends who have been an unbelievable continued support to us during the saddest of times. 



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