5 Reasons To Become An EFT Practitioner

eft practitioner training eft tapping eft training Jan 23, 2023

I am a Tapping fan. Probably fanatic. You may know how it cured me of severe PTSD (you can read about my story here) and since then it has saved me on multiple occasions!

You've probably heard me talk about how good it is and now I'm training people to be EFT practitioners you may be wondering to yourself 'why would I do the training'?...

So, here are my top 5 reasons for becoming an EFT Practitioner:

1. You will accelerate your own healing journey. You will have breakthroughs - guaranteed.

I am confident to guarantee this. During the three-day training course, you tap between 15-20 times. You tap when I'm doing demonstrations, you tap as the client, you tap as the practitioner, you tap watching a video, you tap on your own stuff that's coming up and you tap on what's coming up for everyone else. We'll even do group tapping on chocolate / sweets / crisp cravings. All of this tapping will accelerate your healing journey as you will be tapping on a multitude of different topics. You are in control of what you bring into this space and if you feel like not going to a particular place as you feel it might be too painful, then you are welcome to do that. If you feel you'd like to bring up some more difficult emotions or experiences you are very welcome to do that too. You will be held and supported no matter what.

2. You will leave with in-depth knowledge of how your thoughts and emotions impact your life and an effective tool for managing them.

This was the most fascinating part for me when I did my training. You will learn how beliefs are created and how important they are for shaping how you view the world, and actually how you navigate life as a whole. The Tapping technique will help you release old and limiting beliefs that you have about yourself, others and the world around you. Changing how you think is so crucial for living the life of your dreams. Because going after our dreams (living the life we truly want) while running old programs and beliefs is going to be SO much harder. It's time now as an adult to take stock of the belief system that has shaped your life to date, assess what is serving you and then work on releasing the rest. You get to choose. This is an extremely empowering modality!

3. You can start to support yourself, family and friends with a tool that really works - proven to reduce cortisol by 43%

Having in-depth knowledge of how Tapping works as well as many practical experiences (over the course of the three days), you'll leave feeling confident to start supporting your day-to-day life and also perhaps confident to start looking at deeper traumas too. You'll find so many ways this can benefit you personally, but I guarantee you'll also want to share this tool with your family and friends too. If you have children you can start introducing them to tapping so they can support themselves during difficult times. You might feel compelled to teach your mum, dad or sibling how to use it too. There is so much research coming out now with approx 90 separate research papers so far proving its efficacy in many different areas. One of my favourite statistics is that EFT Tapping is proven to reduce cortisol in the blood by one hour of group tapping by 43%. This was proven by taking before and after blood tests so I feel this is something very concrete that people can understand. For more research check out Dr Peta Stapleton, the world's leading EFT Researcher.

4. You can add it to any existing modality or job that you have

You can add it to Reiki, Yoga, Coaching, and Holistic Therapies, or bring it into your school, maternal support role, healthcare system, and so on. It is versatile and effective. If you are a Doula, Nurse, Healthcare worker, Nursery Teacher, School Teacher, University Lecturer, Body Worker, Business Coach, Mentor, well-being coordinator in work, HR manager...the list goes on EFT can be brought into your place of work to support yourself, your colleagues and even your students/clients/patients if applicable. It is such a complementary therapy. I remember when I did my training in June 2018 there were 10 people in the group sponsored by the MacMillan Cancer Charity, and there were many psychologists, counsellors, nurses and other NHS staff there too who had become disillusioned with the work they were doing to support patients and wanted something else to help make real headway in their patient's healing journey.

5.  You can start a business as a standalone EFT Practitioner 

You can support people in your local community by running Tapping groups or 1-2-1 sessions or you can reach all over the world if you use technology like Zoom or Skype. You can be broad in your use of EFT or you can be more specialist or use it in any area of support that interests you. I suggest you use your own experience and own story to shape what that is i.e. grief and loss, trauma, physical pain, motherhood, fatherhood, teenage anxiety, etc...

One of my recent trainees was a Physio specialising in chronic pain and she is now going to use Tapping specialing in healing chronic pain as she's spent so long learning about the subject and working in that area. I have another trainee who is going to support women planning their weddings and use EFT to reduce the stress and overwhelm of the wedding planning right up to the wedding day, because she herself nearly didn't get to the church for the anxiety that she felt. Another trainee is supporting women with their sleep after years and years of her own bad sleep experience. 

You get to make this your own. You get to be empowered. You get to change the direction of your life forever. I don't say this lightly, but it's been true for me and so many others that I have trained or supported as clients. Life after EFT is significantly different - there will be a before and an after version of yourself. Are you ready to meet your future self???

Become an EFT Practitioner

I am running four training sessions this year (2023) between Ireland and the UK.
The dates and details are below but for more information on what the training course covers and to secure your space - www.tappingformums.com/eft-training

February 24-26th - The Avon, Blessington, Co Wicklow

Newcastle - April 21st-23rd - The Biscuit Factory
London - June 30th - 2nd July - Lumi Studio, Hammersmith
Brighton - November 10-12th - Mercure Hotel

If you've any questions about the training or about working with me 121 email me [email protected] or find out more here>

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