5 Top Tips for getting started with EFT Tapping

eft eft tapping tapping Oct 26, 2022

Perhaps you’ve heard of Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and you want to know what all the fuss is about, but you don’t know where to get started. Here you’ll learn my top 5 tips for getting started with EFT Tapping.

1. Just start Tapping

It can be very easy to become aware of a self-healing tool and forget to give it a go. This happens a lot so don’t worry if this is you! My advice is to just start Tapping by following a video by me or someone else, where you can copy my words (to start with). Tap along to the video and pay attention to how you feel both before and after the tapping. You can find my free Tapping videos here on You Tube.


2. Using your own words gives you better results

“For results to be terrific, it's best to be specific” is a little mantra used in the EFT Tapping world! The more specific you are with what you say during Tapping the better the outcome and release is going to be. 

At the start of using Tapping, you may find it a little strange saying how you are feeling and that’s where copying someone else can help, however, if you can build up some confidence to start changing the words or even writing your own scripts then you will get better results. When you sign up for my newsletter below you will receive a free Tapping Script Template.


3. Use EFT Tapping in (or just after) the heat of the moment

You are going to feel the most significant release of energy when you are feeling a strong and intense level of that energy. In Tapping, we often rate how we are feeling on a SUDS scale (Significant Unit of Distress) of 0-10, ten being the most intense level of that emotion. 

If you can find a safe quiet moment soon after an event where you feel the SUDs level is 7 or greater, then you are going to feel the most benefit from the Tapping. This is because you are tuned into this current emotion. If you started tapping on an emotion that was a 2-3 on the SUDs scale then the impact won’t feel as significant.

4. Add EFT Tapping into the things you’re already doing in your day

If you say to yourself, ‘I just need to find 10 minutes in my day to sit down and Tap’ then it's unlikely you’ll find that time. If however, you decide to do some Tapping while you are doing other things that will increase your likelihood of Tapping! 

For example, you can Tap while you are in the shower in the morning, or the bath in the evening, or as a passenger in the car, or tap the hand points while on a zoom meeting, or tap on zoom with your camera off, tap a round or two while you wait for the kettle to boil, tap while watching a sad or scary movie or TV programme, tap while waiting for the kids to fall asleep - most likely this will benefit their energy as well as yours too!


5. If you feel the energy intensifying or a memory pops up - just keep Tapping

The beauty and genius of EFT Tapping are that you can pull up what is bothering you and turn it off on purpose. If a memory comes to your mind, that memory is significantly linked to the energy/emotion you are currently feeling and want to let go of. 

Don’t discount that memory and brush it off. Allow that memory to be present, but keep tapping. As you continue to Tap you are sending signals to the amygdala in the brain that this memory is safe, reminding the mind that it is a memory and not happening now. 

If the energy is very intense you can say phrases like ‘I am safe in this moment’, ‘this is not happening now’, ‘this is a memory’, ‘it's safe to recall this memory’, ‘I choose to feel safe’ - or you can adapt your set up statement to ‘Even though I am feeling this very intense emotion because of this memory, I remind myself that I am safe and this event is over’. 

Within a few minutes, the energy will start to shift and you will release what is coming up at that moment. EFT Tapping is a really safe and effective way to release stored energy in the body from past experiences.


Just get Tapping!

I’ve found that if you worry too much about what to say and get caught up in trying to get it right (good person complex!) you just won't start Tapping. If you can get your head out of the way and just try it a few times, you’ll start to recognise in your body what it feels like to let go. For me, I yawn or belch! For others, they feel hot or cold, or they feel lighter or more grounded. Find out how your body responds by just getting started and Tapping on how you are feeling in the moment.


If you’ve any questions about tapping please email me: [email protected] or for deeper releasing work I can help you on a 1-2-1 basis, find out more here>

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