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Tapping into...with Sarah Tobin

Tapping into...with Sarah Tobin

Hosted by: Sarah Tobin

I’m Sarah Tobin and welcome to the Tapping into podcast. The place to explore a whole host of different, natural, alternative and spiritual ways to change your life. My goal is to support you on your healing journey,...


S2: E3 - Tapping into The Soul with Phoebe Garnsworthy

Season #2 Episode #3

Phoebe Garnsworthy's instagram account @lost_nowhere caught my eye a few years ago as she provides spiritual and soul messages that really resonated with me. Her new book 'Align with Soul' is a manual for reconnecting...
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S2: E4 - Tapping into Fertility with Sarah Richardson

Season #2 Episode #4

Join me and Sarah Richardson as we discuss Fertility, but probably not in a way you’ve heard before. Sarah is an ex midwife, single mum, worked in a fertility clinic and now an energy healer helping many women...
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S2: E5 - Tapping into Self-Care with Beccy Hands

Season #2 Episode #5

How often have you put ourselves low down the priority list?Are you in fact close to burn out but don't realise it?Do you struggle to ask for help?In today's episode I talk to Brighton based Beccy Hands, a remedial...
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S2: E6 - Tapping into Emotion Code with Kelly Day

Season #2 Episode #6

In today's episode I chat to my friend Kelly Day about The Emotion Code. I'd not heard about this until Kelly brought it to my attention as it had been something she'd been using on her healing journey after she found...
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S2: E7 - Tapping into the Womb with Aisling Jackson

Season #2 Episode #7

I heard Aisling was teaching women, mamas and girls about their periods in a really holistic and natural way.  And being on my own journey to try to connect with my womb more, I knew I had to talk to her.It is never...
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S2: E8 - Tapping into Yoga + Shamanism with Eddie Sullivan

Season #2 Episode #8

This is the last episode of Season 2!!!Eddie was my yoga teacher until Covid happened! We had been planning a workshop together that we had to cancel and when we met to discuss it back in January 2020 he told me his...
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Special Episode: I AM Awake Tapping Meditation

Season #2 Episode #10

I AM Awake Tapping Meditation – to aid ascension symptoms and embody more light What does it mean to 'Awaken'? What does it mean to 'Ascend'?A lot of people are experiencing physical tension, symptoms and fear in...
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Season 3 Trailer - Tapping into with Sarah Tobin

Season #3 Episode #1

Welcome to Season 3 of the Tapping into Podcast. As always with this podcast, we will be exploring a variety of different modalities and topics within the spiritual, alternative and natural world in order to help us...
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S3: E1 - Tapping into Therapy with Anna Mathur

Season #3 Episode #1

Welcome to Episode 1 of Season 3. Today I’m talking to Anna Mathur, a mum of 3 and a Psychotherapist, Author and Speaker. I am so honoured to bring this chat to you where Anna shares her own deeply personal story that...
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S3: E2 - Tapping into Intuitive Eating with Lizzy Delaney

Season #3 Episode #2

Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 3. Today I’m talking to Lizzy Delaney. Lizzy is health coach who specialises in intuitive and emotional eating. And what is intuitive eating I hear you ask? We'll get to that bit!! First...
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S3: E3 - Tapping into Human Design with Kay Ash-Lee

Season #3 Episode #3

This is a fascinating exploration of Human Design with my friend Kay. I met her through a randomised tapping circle that was created in January 2019 and we met monthly to Tap. She introduced me to Human Design, with...
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S3: E4 - Tapping into Feng Shui with Patrica Lohan

Season #3 Episode #4

  This week I chat with Irish Patricia Lohan. She's lived in New York, Bali, Greece and is back in Ireland at the moment but with plans for a return trip to Greece for the summer. Patricia seems to have cracked the...
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