S3: E4 - Tapping into Feng Shui with Patrica Lohan

Season #3 Episode #4


This week I chat with Irish Patricia Lohan. She's lived in New York, Bali, Greece and is back in Ireland at the moment but with plans for a return trip to Greece for the summer.

Patricia seems to have cracked the code of manifesting with the art of Feng Shui. She's created everything she wants in life, down to the man she married, her little dog, and a very successful career. It wasn't always like that, and she shares with me her personal story of how she used the ancient and spiritual practice of Feng Shui to understand the world, where she lived and then how to change it to bring in what she wanted.

She's now helping thousands all over the world do the same!

I actually share with Patricia about the artwork on my bedroom walls...hmm well let's just say 'we' need to rethink what's on our walls, and I still haven't fixed them. We did try to create a new office for me by moving the boys into the same bedroom but that didn't work out so, I need to rethink things again! I have however implemented some of the other tips Patricia shares with us.

Key takeaways:

  • Your house has its own energetic imprint that's impacting your bank account, relationships, health and more.
  • Feng Shui is acupuncture for your home. It is alchemy and magic for your life. It's about balance and flow and when you balance the house, in comes the flow.
  • We call in a house that matches your vibration at the time, so naturally over time as we change, we must also bring our home on that journey too.
  • Look at your house with Fresh Eyes starting as you stand outside and take in the house from the road, how does it makes you feel? Does it align with where you are going and what you want to call in?
  • Different parts of your home represent different parts of your body and are influencing different parts of your life.
  • Remove friction points in your house to improve the flow - cleaning out cupboards, declutter especially things not moved for a long time.
  • Make the art on your walls a vision board for your future.
  • Dumping grounds can be a place of low energy and low vibration.
  • Don't get overwhelmed with the specific areas of the house e.g. relationship, wealth etc, tackle particular rooms e.g. bedroom, living room, attic, fresh eyes
  • A couple of other tips; minimise red, put knives in the drawer, throw out old/out of date food, don't use broken crockery.
  • This is not about having a perfect house, and it's about striving for perfection, it's about having a home that supports you energetically so it gets people focused on what they want to bring in their lives.

About Patricia:
Patricia is a Feng Shui expert, manifesting magnet, alchemist, healer and real-life Irish Celtic Shaman. Some people call her the “Mary Poppins of Prosperity,”

Patricia is the creator of PowerHouse Feng Shui and Author of The Happy Home: A Guide To Creating A Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life. She helps entrepreneurs make their homes & businesses magnetic to money, luck, and blessings. She shows you what they don’t teach in business school, what lies between the lines, your top-secret tool for success. 

She has helped thousands of people across the globe embrace Feng Shui and creates lasting changes in their businesses, homes, and lives.  Patricia has seen first-hand the power of the mind, surroundings and inner healing, clearing and aligning everything so it works holistically. She loves entrepreneurship with 15 years of experience running and growing three successful startups of her own.

Website www.patricialohan.com 
Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/powerhousefengshui
Instagram www.instagram.com/powerhouse.fengshui/

About Sarah:
Sarah is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping Practitioner and Trainer based in the UK but originally from Dublin, Ireland. After the loss of her daughter Alice, in November 2014, suffering from severe PTSD and anxiety, she became pregnant again. This led her to seek help from a local EFT Practitioner. This technique completely transformed her life and she is now dedicated to supporting as many people as possible to let go of their trauma, grief, limiting beliefs and negative emotions, so they can live a heart-based, joy-filled life.

Sarah has a thriving Tapping into You Membership + Community with members all over the world. She runs retreats, works with clients 1:1 and is also a Trainer, teaching people to become EFT Practitioners.

Find out more at her at www.tappingformums.com  or follow her at www.instagram.com/sarah_tobin 

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