Season 3 Trailer - Tapping into with Sarah Tobin

Season #3 Episode #1

Welcome to Season 3 of the Tapping into Podcast.

As always with this podcast, we will be exploring a variety of different modalities and topics within the spiritual, alternative and natural world in order to help us grow, heal, and ultimately live happy lives. Often when we feel something's not right, or we feel uncomfortable in our day to day, we start 'fixing' things on the outside. We look outside of ourselves for validation, for joy, for peace, for comfort, for love. Sometimes we battle on the outside, leading to an internal battle in the mind - the never-ending negative nancy that attacks us at every turn.

What I've learnt is in order for things to change, we do actually need to go inwards to our internal world instead of just focusing on our external world. How when we do the inner development, it actually does reflect on the outside naturally and effortlessly. This also ties in with manifestation - how we can work with the laws of energy and frequency to attract into our lives what we want. 

We explore many modalities that help us navigate the internal world, like Therapy with Anna Mathur, Intuitive Eating with Lizzy Delaney, Human Design with Kay Ash Lee, Feng Shui with Patricia Lohan, Nutrition with Thalia Pellegrini, Sound healing with Emma West and I'm so excited because this season I actually get to explore Tapping / EFT with the TOP global researcher into the field, Dr Peta Stapleton. When we go internally, let go and do some healing inside, that’s when the outer world really changes. I hope you love these conversations as much as I have enjoyed having them, and if you do please follow, subscribe, share and if you can write a review!!

Also, if you are new to this podcast there are lots of other episodes to check out in Season 1 + 2.