Ep: 1 - Tapping into Angels with Anna Grace Taylors

Season #1 Episode #2

I've been drawn to angels since I was a little girl. I use them a lot in my daily life and often call them in when working with my clients. I also really feel the energy of our daughter Alice as a guardian angel to me and my family (read about that here).

So, I wanted to learn more about them, in particular how to connect with them, how do you know they are there, the difference between angels and intuition, and the difference between your guides and your angels.

This week's guest is Anna Grace Taylor, an Angel Therapist who has been helping people connect to their angels for nearly 20 years.

Key Takeaways:

- How to connect with your angels
- How it is ok to ask for help? Quit the Mum Guilt!
- What's a sign?
- Intuition is your Super Power
- Using angels to help our kids
- Asking for compassion
- How an angel reading works
- One final message from the angels that they want YOU to hear right now (6 months into the global Covid19 pandemic)

Stay tuned to the end as Anna has a little gift to share with you too.

About Anna:

Anna Grace Taylor is an Angel TherapistĀ®, Spiritual Mentor, Healer, Singer, and Speaker who has been featured on BBC Radio and Hay House Radio. Anna connects with Divine love and the angelic realm to guide people with all aspects of life and often acts as a catalyst for transformation for people all over the world.

Follow her at www.facebook.com/annataylormusicangel or www.instagram.com/annagracetaylors or visit her website at www.annagracetaylor.com 

About Sarah:

Sarah is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping Practitioner based in the UK but originally from Dublin, Ireland. After the loss of her daughter Alice, November 2014, and while suffering from severe PTSD she found herself pregnant again. Although elated she was also extremely anxious. This led her to seek help by a local EFT Practitioner. This technique completely transformed her life and is now dedicated to supporting as many people as possible let go of their trauma, grief, limiting beliefs and negative emotions, so they can live a joy filled life.

Follow her at www.facebook.com/tappingformums or www.instagram.com/sarah_tobin or visit her website at www.tappingformums.com - you can also Tap along with her for free on her You Tube channel - www.youtube.com/tappingformums


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