S2: E2 - Tapping into Brain Power with Leyth Hampshire

Season #2 Episode #2

Leyth is a both a miracle and an inspiration. Editing this podcast gave me shivers again.  Leyth was a fit, young man who went to Budapest on a work trip, but suffered a grade V5 haemorrhage in his brain, falling into a 7-day coma and experiencing a stroke, leaving him paralysed.

I know how powerful the brain is, but Leyth's story really really demonstrates this in the most encouraging way.

Listen all the way to the end for a recent update from Leyth's 18 month brain scan too.

Key takeaways:

  • Leyth's story and a miraculous awakening 7 days later
  • Facing the fear of never moving again
  • Deep gratitude and his unique view of this experience
  • How he got to a place of acceptance and let go
  • Using the power of his mind, visualisation and intention
  • Breaking stroke recovery records
  • How his whole life was building to this event
  • How his tribe pushed him forward
  • Near death experiences
  • How he looked after his mind, body and soul in his recovery
  • Anything is possible and his living proof
  • The power of breath work for brain and body recovery
  • Modelling self-care for our children
  • Advice on what to do when you are feeling low - and I wasn't expecting his response!

Resources mentioned:
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Soma Breathwork - www.somabreath.com

About Leyth
Leyth believes that life will give you all the challenges you need as a human in order to reach your greatest potential. Leyth realised the importance of an integrative lifestyle. He spent a year in intensive body, mind and spiritual trauma. Focusing on brain epigenetics and physical rehabilitation. He has gone on to train for an Ironman, become a certified breathwork instructor and is now on a journey to document integrative ways of healing and living around the world. 

You can learn more about him from www.leythhampshire.com and follow his story IG @leythhampshire

 About Sarah:
Sarah is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping Practitioner. After the loss of her daughter Alice in November 2014, she sought help from a local EFT Practitioner. This technique transformed her life and is now dedicated to supporting as many people as possible let go of their trauma, grief, limiting beliefs and negative emotions, so they can live a joy-filled life.

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