Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping

Tapping is a self healing technique that can be used any time, anywhere to shift and let go of negative energy causing blockages in the body, restoring balance and happiness. Also described as 'Accupuncture without Needles' Tapping works by combining psychology and tapping on meridian end points in the body. The shift felt by doing this is far faster than just talk therapy alone.



Energy is all there is. We are all connected, and we are all essentially made of the same electrons, neutrons and energy force. We are all impacted by positive and negative energy, either from our own thoughts or other people's thoughts and actions. Negative thoughts and emotions that are lodged in our unconscious mind/body/aura are the greatest problem, as we are not consciously aware of them, and it is believed that these ultimately cause us physical pain and dis-ease - see Meta Health for more info if you're interested.


Meridian end points

With links to acupuncture and acupressure, Tapping focuses on 15 different points on the head, collarbone, under arm and hand. These are the end points of Meridians underneath the skin, which respond to light touch so there's no need for the needles!! By focusing on and verbalising your negative feeling(s) while tapping on the points, it actually releases those feelings.


Beliefs & stress

Beliefs shape how you react to events in your life. If you believe the world is a dangerous place, every time something in your life happens to confirm that e.g. you are in a car crash, you RE-AFFIRM that belief thinking 'Yes, see, I knew the world was a dangerous place'. The more we think the more we will attract it.

]The same car crash could happen for someone else with a different core belief and experience it in a whole different way, maybe even positively. Don't let your limiting beliefs hold you back any more. It's time to let them go with these very effective method of Tapping (and with Matrix Reimprinting).  Learn more about Beliefs & Stress just click on the button below.