Self-Love & Body Confidence Tapping Circle

Self-Love & Body Confidence Tapping Circle


Join my next Tapping Circle where I create a safe online space for us to do some Tapping on the topics of Self-Love & Body Confidence.

I feel these two are so linked - how we feel about our bodies is actually a good measure of how much we love ourselves. Now is the time to strengthen that inner self-love and feel more confident in the body that supports you.

I’ll be leading a variety of tapping scripts outlined below, but I’m also going to take you to meet your younger self for a self-love healing meditation, to help really get to the core of the issue and release it.

  • Judgement

  • Societal pressures

  • Emotional sabotage

  • Finding healthy & Loving your body

  • I am good enough 

  • Self-love Meditation

When: Thursday 20th June, 8pm GMT

Where: Zoom (I will send you a link a few days prior and on the day itself)

If you book your slot and end up not able to make it don’t worry, I’ll be sending out a replay to everyone so you can watch it in your own time, and I’ll also be sending a PDF of the tapping scripts used so you can do them any time you like.

I really do advise you to try and make it if you can, from experience I know it’s harder to make time after the event to watch it as lots of things will take priority, so give yourself this bit of self care and space to release some of the feelings that are holding you back from living a freer and happier live.

If you’ve any questions contact me on

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Our last Tapping Circle was focused on Mum Guilt, and here are a few quotes from the ladies afterwards:

"I so enjoyed last night's session with you, I found it very relaxing and look forward to trying it out again'

'I normally struggle with visualisations but I could see everyone in the circle and the white light. It was surreal but lovely'

'Lighter, thank you so much'

'Thank you so much. Your light work was amazing'

'More more more :) but for now, thank you! x'

That replay is available here if you’d like it too