Mum Guilt Tapping Circle Replay

Mum Guilt Tapping Circle Replay


Are you drowning in Mum Guilt? It is a completely natural emotion and healthy in some ways being both primal and instinctive, helping us nurture our children. But what happens when it becomes too much? It becomes all consuming?

It’s hitting us from all angles and we ALL feel it, to some extent, regardless of the decisions and choices we make. I was compelled to run a Tapping Circle specifically on this topic to help shed the weight of this guilt and let it go.

I start off by opening a circle for the group, I talk about what Mum Guilt is and why we have it. How we question the decisions we make and why we question them. Perhaps guilt comes from an underlying belief of ‘I am not good enough’ so I propose a new belief to reprogram ourselves with. I then lead us through 7 different tapping scripts:

  • Perfectly Imperfect

  • Negative Birth Experience

  • Working Mum guilt

  • Self-Care 

  • Anger & Shouting

  • Guilty for not feeling guilty 

  • Any remaining guilt (Matrix)

This is for anyone who feels daily or sporadic guilt whether you are a Tapping beginner or seasoned Pro. You will be buying the recording of the session I did, which will be just as powerful - and you can do it any time that suits you (rather than on a specific date).

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Some of the feedback from the live Tapping Circle:

"I so enjoyed last night's session with you, I found it very relaxing and look forward to trying it out again'

'I normally struggle with visualisations but I could see everyone in the circle and the white light. It was surreal but lovely'

'Lighter, thank you so much'

'Thank you so much. Your light work was amazing'

'More more more :) but for now, thank you! x'