Mum Guilt Tapping Circle

Mum Guilt Tapping Circle


Are you drowning in Mum Guilt? It is a completely natural emotion and healthy in some ways being both primal and instinctive, helping us nurture our children. But what happens when it becomes too much? It becomes all consuming?

It’s hitting us from all angles and we ALL feel it, to some extent, regardless of the decisions and choices we make. There’s Work Guilt, Relationship Guilt, Self-Care Guilt, Parenting Guilt, Mental Health Guilt and for some of us Birth & Religious Guilt, and I’m sure we find much more to feel guilty about too.

I’ve been overwhelmed by messages about guilt, so I am running a 1 hour Tapping Circle to dive straight in and collectively start tapping on this guilt. We will cover off some of the main layers of this guilt - tapping it away.

My goal is to leave us feeling positive and confident about our choices, determined to put ourselves up the priority ladder and ultimately a happier and better mum - ‘happy mum, happy baby’.

This is for anyone who feels daily or sporadic guilt whether you are a Tapping beginner or seasoned Pro. Join a group of like-minded women in a virtual setting to start releasing that guilt.

When: 27th March (a few days before Mother’s day!) - 8pm GMT

Where: Zoom (a webinar system - I will email you a few days before with the details)

Cost: £10

Any questions email me

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