How to Tap Workshop (Pre-recorded)

How to Tap Workshop (Pre-recorded)

  • Would you like to learn a new healing tool you can use any time, any where, whenever you need it?

  • Would you like to learn Tapping (otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique) - an effective tool to release negative feelings, anxiety and heal trauma?

  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Learn how to to use Tapping on negative emotions such as ‘overwhelm’ for immediate relief.

  • Or have you already tried tapping but feel you need a bit of extra support?

Get this ‘How to Tap Workshop’ that I’ve pre-recorded for you so you can watch whenever and wherever suits you. I've broken down the workshop into two parts so you can listen to them separately if you need to. The first is around 48 minutes and the second 30 minutes.

Part 1: I take you through what tapping is, how it works and the science behind it. I talk a little about how I first got into tapping. I'll then take you through the four easy steps to Tapping and then we will get tapping on the topic of Overwhelm. I wrap up this section talking about the many things you can start tapping on whenever it suits you.

Part 2: Looks at limiting beliefs, how they are created and what we can do to start addressing them. I've also some great tips on when to tap and some tapping tips to help you on your Tapping journey.

You'll only have to learn it once, and can use it every day, any time you need to manage your negative emotions. Read an interesting testimonial underneath.

If you’ve any questions please email me

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My aim is to support women all over the world!

Hi I’m Sarah Tobin, I established Tapping For Mums as a mum who lost her baby after birth, due to cord compression and lack of oxygen baby Alice only lived for 5 days.

I have processed and dealt with my grief, released my trauma and cured my severe PTSD through Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting and have gone on to have two beautiful sons and a happy life.

I want to help women who are suffering in any way to do the same for themselves.

Tapping really is a ‘tool for life’ and once learnt can be used any time, any where, every day to manage any negative emotions that surface. And I’ve found being a mum, lots can surface, so it is amazing to have a tool to release these emotions, feel more grounded and present for my boys. I want to teach you to be able to do the same.


I’ve been to therapy and tried all sorts before. I usually get to this point - where it starts to get intense and hard. Really hard. And so I slap on a smile tell the doctors I’m feeling so much better and run out the door. And I’d have myself so convinced that I actually am fine that I would be - until it would hit all over again.

I’ve been going around in these circles for years now. But now I’m at a point where I’ve finally realised I need to actually work through my pain - I can’t keep going around it. And so right now I’m slap bang in the middle. The sessions have become very intense.

I was fortunate enough to be present at one of Sarahs workshops. I would have been the type to be sceptical about tapping, but I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to keep pushing through my sessions, pushing through the pain without combining it with tapping. The tapping slows me down. It steadies my heart. It brings me back to the here, and the now.

It makes me feel safe. And it makes me feel calm. My gratitude to Sarah is endless. I highly recommend her workshop, it is 100% a game changer and I cannot wait to see her success unfold ❤

Claire @mammybrightside