Tapping for Mums makes the News

I've been interviewed by some really lovely people about our journey, Alice and Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping). We talked about how it has helped me, and how I hope to help others.

Alice, Dave & Sarah

Alice, Dave & Sarah

Image Online Magazine - April 2018

Most cannot imagine recovering or every finding joy again after the loss of a child, one mother tells Sophie White about her journey to making peace with her daughter's death  

When Sarah and Dave went into hospital to have their first baby, they had no reason to believe that the birth would be anything other than routine. The pregnancy had been unremarkable and the couple were excited to meet their first child.

By Sophie White

Sarah & Casper

Sarah & Casper

The Irish Sun - May 2018

MOTHER'S VOW Heartbroken Dublin mum whose baby girl died days after traumatic birth vows to help women who have suffered similar loss

Sarah Tobin’s baby Alice died a few days after she was delivered at Brighton Hospital in England in November 2014.

The heartbroken mum, who is originally from Kingswood, Dublin, sought help to overcome her loss with therapy, including reiki and acupuncture. She also practised Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which taps the body’s “meridians”, along which energy is said to flow, to let her revisit the scene of Alice’s death while letting go of the pain.