The Call Part 2: 5-Week Self-Love Healing Program

Join us every week for 5 weeks to connect you with your divinity, to heal traumatic imprints of the past, to see your true self in full glory and unique expression, and to allow you to share your love with the world.

We will do this through EFT Tapping, Visualisation, Healing Energy, Timewaver Frequencies, Channelled Wisdom from Astrology and Healing within the Akashic Records.

This healing series will activate a return to Wholeness and Unity with the Divine.

What you'll get:

  • 5 weeks of live calls
  • 5 weeks of group Timewaver Pro healing during the live calls
  • 5 weeks of support via WhatsApp group
  • 40% Discount on Brid Hanlon's Self-Love Healing with Timewaver Pro for 5 weeks (info here)
  • 40% Discount on The Cosmic Egg - Womb Restoration and Healing Healy Expert Program by Clare Fahy and Bríd Hanlon - more here>
  • Free Self-Love Healy Expert Program by Bríd Hanlon - more here>
  • 1 month' free Tapping into You Membership + Community by Sarah Tobin for the month of February.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you sign up to subscribe (verify your email) or you won't get the emails detailing the call log-in, WhatsApp group, or discounts, and we won't be able to contact you with reminders or updates. Please check your junk mail. Once subscribed you should receive an email with the details of the event within a few minutes.

What People Are Saying:

I just listened to the recording of the 3rd call and am feeling so much love and gratitude. Every single second was charged, healing and transformational. Christopher - WOW! Such a gift you have. My house was noisy and I was able to transcend all space and time with your beautiful voice/sound. Once the drumming started I had to get up and move - so deep and beautiful! Then Sheena popped on the screen! Sheena, I first saw you on a call with Zofia earlier this week - talk about synchronicity! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I felt your anguish, pain and grace. Sara - the tapping took me from an 8 to a 2. So cool how tapping works! Clare - I know you speak the truth about the energy of money and hope I can fully embrace it! Maryellen - I met an ancestor I’ve never seen before and love his energy. Such a quick meditation but very succinct and powerful. And Brid - you are such a gentle, beautiful spirit! Thank you for the healing and all of your hard work behind the scenes. I am SOO HAPPY we ended with an upbeat song and danced it out!

Linda Dubois

£111.00 GBP

Please note copyright remains with Sarah Tobin and the co-facilitators for this course. Do not copy, distribute or share access with anyone. You take full responsibility for your healing journey and integration during these 5 weeks and beyond. We will do our best to create a safe space using our healing tools, but the healing is your responsibility. This program is non-refundable. It is your responsibility to verify your email so you receive notification emails prior to the events - check your junk mail.