5-Day Self-Love Challenge

Take the 5-day challenge now and start your transformation.

What you'll get in this drip-fed course:

  • Welcome Video
  • Day 1 - Tapping on Self-Worth
  • Day 2 - Tapping on Guilt, Shame + Blame
  • Day 3 - Tapping on Acceptance + Forgiveness
  • Day 4 - Heart Healing Meditation
  • Day 5 - Tapping for Self-Love
  • Bonuses available immediately
    • Self-Care Planner
    • How to Tap Workshop
    • Havening technique explained
    • Tapping Guide PDF
    • Tapping Script Template Doc

Drip-fed course means you will only receive the next video once you've completed the first video.

Note this challenge was filmed December 2021 in a live facebook group.

£55.00 GBP

This course is non-refundable. All information, scripts and resources are copyright of Sarah Tobin - please do not sell on, distribute or copy.

Ancestral trauma can have an incredibly powerful hold on our emotions, behaviours and beliefs; it can create blockages which stop us from achieving happiness and success. So many of us are carrying unresolved and unhealed trauma that has been passed down both the mother and father lines.

Heal Ancestral Trauma with this Self-Directed 4-Part Course.


This course is designed to help you understand what ancestral trauma is and how it affects us, so that you can begin the healing process and realise your full potential.

The course consists of four modules, each designed to help you gain a greater understanding of ancestral trauma and equip you with the tools to begin healing this burden.