5-Day Self-Love Challenge

Take the 5-day challenge now and start your transformation.

What you'll get in this drip-fed course:

  • Welcome Video
  • Day 1 - Tapping on Self-Worth
  • Day 2 - Tapping on Guilt, Shame + Blame
  • Day 3 - Tapping on Acceptance + Forgiveness
  • Day 4 - Heart Healing Meditation
  • Day 5 - Tapping for Self-Love
  • Bonuses available immediately
    • Self-Care Planner
    • How to Tap Workshop
    • Havening technique explained
    • Tapping Guide PDF
    • Tapping Script Template Doc

Drip-fed course means you will only receive the next video once you've completed the first video.

Note this challenge was filmed December 2021 in a live facebook group.

£55.00 GBP

This course is non-refundable. All information, scripts and resources are copyright of Sarah Tobin - please do not sell on, distribute or copy.

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