Tapping into Motherhood Membership + Community

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Tapping into Motherhood Membership + Community

This is your safe and sacred space, away from other social media platforms, to dive into a library of tools that will help you release, heal, ground, love and connect with yourself in a whole new way, in your own time.

Access 60+ pre-recorded Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) video meditations, my 4 Week Mindset + Manifestation Coursehealing audio meditationsworkshops and downloadable resources PLUS a community area where you can share your journey, ask questions, and get support.

Special guests will join us to talk about various topics such as Matresence, Angels, Crystals and our Intuition. I will also be offering live support with Live Tapping Circles and Q&A sessions to guide you on your motherhood journey.

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  • Do you want to start your healing journey but don’t know how?
  • Are you ready to start letting go of past traumas and don’t have the tools?
  • Have you been afraid to feel your emotions because if you start you won’t be able to stop?
  • Did motherhood give rise to emotions you didn't know you had or have been suppressing for years?
  • Did you have a negative birth or suffer from PND or PTSD?
  • Do you need some support on your motherhood journey?
  • Is now the time to release ancestral emotions and beliefs that are holding you back?
  • Are you ready to live a more heart-centred life and feel more joy, love and peace?
  • Do you crave to be more present and positive in your daily life?
  • Have you yearned to meet like-minded Mums (or Mums-to-be) who are also on this journey?

If this resonates with you then you are in the right place. I've been there too and I'm using my tools daily to keep me in a positive and joyful place as I can. 

Mind, Body & Soul support by Sarah Tobin

Sarah has created a library of tools to support you on your motherhood journey. Sarah herself has trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting and Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Light Matrix Visualisation and she is also a Reiki Master.

Having found Tapping/EFT after she lost her first baby, Alice, after birth, she knew she had to teach this effective tool to as many mums around the world as possible.

Sarah knows the importance of releasing trauma, of letting go of negative emotions, of the power of positive thinking, and how love heals all. She has created this Membership + Community to share these techniques and tools to help more people heal the past so they can live a happy future.

Sarah, I can’t thank you enough. You’ve guided me over the last year in clearing, ancestral trauma-related, low self-worth and lack of self-belief among other things. This work has given me the confidence to go for an amazing job. The opportunities it has presented keep getting better and better, I feel so excited for the future and realising my dreams. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you.

Nikki - UK - Mum of 2



  • Pre-Natal Topics - coming soon
  • Post-Natal Topics
  • General Topics
  • Tapping Circles
  • Coronavirus Topics
  • Tapping for Kids
  • SOS Tapping

Workshops + Meditations

  • Ancestral Trauma Workshop
  • Divine Feminine Healing Meditation
  • Messages from your loved one Meditation
  • Womb Healing Meditation
  • Earth + Heart Healing Meditation

Meditations + Courses

  • 4 Week Mindset + Manifestation course worth £66
  • Light Matrix Guided Meditation
  • Night Ritual Clearing + Protecting Meditation
  • Huna Prayer for Abundance
  • and more...


  • Self-care planner
  • How to Tap Guide
  • Tapping Script Template
  • Recommended Reading
  • Self-reflection exercises
  • Ego Reprogramming workbook



Be inspired

“You've inspired me greatly to do some more healing work for myself and I feel wonderful having done the Ancestral Trauma workshop. It was enjoyable, informative, thought-provoking, felt so safe and was wonderfully good for the soul”


"I just had to email and tell you what a big energy shift I've felt since last nights workshop. I feel like I've been able to let go of the limiting beliefs that have been stopping me from growing. My future self feels like such a positive presence today"

Deep healing

"Sarah... the womb healing is soooo powerful and amazing. I just had to thank you. I bawled my eyes out and heaved a little too but felt a massive realisation/ shift. Unbelievable. 

Thank you so so much"

The more you heal, the happier you'll feel.

In general, we are not taught how to let go. We are not taught that we are energy and that it's important to release and clear our energy field. So we carry so much heaviness with us. We create beliefs in our childhood that hold us back as we get older. And becoming a mother can often remind us of traumas of the past. In this Membership + Community you will find the tools to help you release and let go for good. This is your toolkit for your own self-healing journey.

You can let go. You can heal. You are powerful...See you on the inside xx


Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping is a tool that hacks the mind allowing it to believe it is safe. That switches off the Fight, Fight, Freeze response and allows you to let go, for good.


Watch or join my virtual workshop on Ancestral Trauma, Life Purpose, Judgement, Past Lives and learn from ad hoc special guests to give you even more self-healing tools.

Meditations + Visualisations

The brain doesn't know the difference between imagined and reality. We truly are so powerful. Let me take you on guided meditations where you can visualise healing in many different ways. 

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