Have you had a traumatic labour?

Are you suffering from PND or PTSD?

Do you feel extremely anxious and have not been able to shift it?

Have you suffered from baby loss, infertility, adoption, breastfeeding issues?

Are you finding motherhood extremely emotional, stressful & not what you expected?

Believe it or not, Tapping can help.
Tapping? Is this some form of new dance?! - I hear you ask!?
Tapping is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. Often described as 'accupuncture without needles' it works by combining psychology and tapping on meridian end points in the body. By tapping on these points we send signals back to the brain to tell it the body is safe, which reduces the stress hormones almost instantly. It has amazing impact on releasing trauma for good, which then impacts the body’s physical and emotional responses. In short you're re-wiring the brain.

Tapping for Mums brings a wealth of support to mums who want to learn a self healing tool for life. 

Tapping itself can help reduce common 'mum' emotions such as anger, grief, frustration, anxiety, overwhelm, loneliness etc. Subsequently it can have a huge healing effect on current pain and dis-ease. However Tapping combined with Matrix Reimprinting can completely reshape past trauma such as baby loss, miscarriage, birth trauma - in fact it can help release trauma from any past event not just birth related. This is particularly helpful for any mum with PTSD or any Dad suffering from witnessing a difficult birth. 

So by now hopefully you're asking how does this amazing tool work!?! I'll be recording a video soon to teach you all the basics. 

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