How does tapping work?

Tapping is a combination of acupressure and psychology which means you tap on certain points of the body while saying certain things. You are effectively sending signals to the amygdala in the brain to tell it that you are safe, that the feelings you have can be let go and the brain stops producing the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. For more info have a look here.



How long does it take to feel a benefit?

You can start to feel a benefit from the very FIRST time you use it. As long as the set up statement and words you use are specific to how you FEEL and WHERE in the body you feel it, you'll definitely find a shift or lighter sensation from the first few rounds of tapping, so that could take 2-3 minutes. If you don't feel a change, assess & change the language you are using and try again.



Does it matter what hand i use or if I miss a point?

You can tap with one or both hands - whichever is most comfortable for you. There is no right or wrong here. The sequence of tapping starts at the top of the head and works downwards purely for convenience and its easier to remember, so if you miss a point in the sequence it is ok, you'll hit the point the next time you do the sequence.