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Video Testimonial - Claire Dugan of Tutumbirthing

Feb 18, 2019
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Claire and I had a recorded chat recently to get under the skin of life before and after three Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting sessions with me. I am so struck by her recovery from severe anxiety that I just had to share it with you all.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the things she says in our chat:

“Definitely shocked at how emotional I became, I didn’t realise how upset I was over the last 7-9 years feeling like this control had been taken away from me, by myself ironically.”

 “The weight had been lifted from my shoulders – I felt like a different person after the session but quite exhausted, I had a really good sleep and I felt much clearer the next day.”

“When I finished the sessions I kind of thought that when an anxiety comes over me, that I’d be tapping the sequence every time the anxiety comes on. But it actually hasn’t come on as much at all, driving is absolutely fine it’s perfect, its brilliant I love it, no anxiety at all. “

“If feels like I’ve got a safety net from tapping which is lovely.”

I’ve added Claire’s written testimonial beneath. If you’ve any questions about this, Tapping or what a session would be like please email me: [email protected]


“I was given the details for Sarah Tobin from a colleague. We had got into a deep discussion about our personalities and our likes and dislikes. It didn’t take long for me to bring up the frustrations I had with myself about my inability to really enjoy London and what it has to offer with my family as I had this awful fear of the London Tube. She suggested I speak to Sarah as I could go back to my experiences using ‘Tapping’ and almost rewrite them to the way I would like to feel. I immeditaly signed up for a course as I was feeling so disappointed with myself and the silliness around it.

Sarah was so kind and lovely and as we went through my anxieties and discussed them she really felt she could help. We took our first session and Sarah and I discussed and went through a few past experiences which had gone so deeply into my memory that I had made a vicious circle and it had just got worse and worse. At times going over the issues was quite emotional, however, very quickly Sarah taught me where and how to tap away at the anxiety. I literally felt my heavy chest lift and feel light. I felt my anxiety and physical feelings subside to the point of not recalling what we had been going through and as I did, it was a past tense feeling.

Through the 3 sessions, we came to the conclusion that the root to all of my fears and anxieties which were mainly showing themselves as either fear of small spaces, fear of being contained and unable to control the situation and the fear of the unknown. Every situation we discovered and tapped on, these were all present. We found the anxiety started with an accident my mother had when I was just 13. I felt alone, out of control, responsible and concerned and didn’t ever understand how it happened therefore giving me 23 years of anxiety.

I now feel so much more confident, lighter, able to use my tools to lower and anxiety if it arises but, I haven’t felt much anxiety since and I am so grateful to Sarah and to Katy for introducing me! ”

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