Tapping Meditation for Christmas Overwhelm, Stress + Anxiety

christmas overwhelm tapping Dec 12, 2019
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The build up to Christmas can be so stressful and overwhelming, with so much to do and organise. The day it self can be full of fear of disappointment and the expectation of perfection to create the most magical day for your family.

This Tapping/ Emotional Freedom Technique Meditation is focused on releasing the Overwhelm, Stress and Anxiety that comes with the holiday period. Just tap along with me and then maybe try it again on your own using more of your own words for maximum results. The more specific you are to how you are feeling, and where that emotion is in your body, the better the results will be, and you will feel a release.



Here’s the script if you need it too xx

  1. Set up Statement

Think about your overwhelm, stress and anxiety and where in your body you feel it, give it a colour, a texture or emotion and have a think about how bad you feel on a scale of -10 to +10 (-10 being the worst) It might help to write this down before you start.

Start by taking three deep breathes with your eyes closed (if you don’t have time just start tapping, this isn’t necessary).

Tap continuously on the Karate Chop point while you say a set up statements (x3) out loud (or in your head if you have to), and you can vary what you say each time – e.g.

  • Even though I have so much overwhelm, stress and anxiety as a black knot in my stomach, because I’ve still got so much to do for Christmas, and I feel such pressure to make it all perfect, and I have to make it magical for everyone, and I’m afraid I’m going to forget something and that everyone won’t have a great time, I choose to love and accept myself anyway

  • Even though I have so much black overwhelm, stress and anxiety in my stomach in the build up to Christmas, as I have to choose and buy the presents, clean the house, and I’m worried about the cost and have very little down time trying to make everything perfect, I choose to love and accept myself anyway

  • Even though I have so much black overwhelm, stress and anxiety in my stomach about the family obligations over Christmas, and I’ve so much to do and people to see and expectations I must live up to, that I find it hard to get my own space, and to relax and enjoy the time, I choose to love and accept myself anyway


2.    Tap the points using your reminder statement - the emotion, colour and location.

Start tapping the points in sequence starting at the top of the head. Tap 5-7 times on each point, lightly – you don’t need to be forceful.

Top of the Head:   All this black overwhelm in my stomach
Eye Brow:               All this black stress and anxiety in my stomach
Side Eye:                So much anxiety at this time of the year 
Under Eye:            I really feel the pressure on me right now 
Under Nose:           There is so much pressure in the build up
Under Chin:            I feel so responsible and that I have to do it all
Collar Bone:           This responsibility is so heavy and its weighing me down
Under Arm:            There is such pressure to create a magical Christmas
Wrist:                   I’m so afraid I’ll forget something
Thumb:           I’m so afraid someone won’t like something
Fore Finger:            I’m so afraid of letting someone down + disappointing them
Middle Finger:       I have to create this perfect Christmas
Ring Finger.            I feel this pressure is all on me 
Baby Finger:           There is such pressure to perform

TOH                     So much black overwhelm in my stomach
EB                        There’s just so much to do 
SOE                     I have to choose and get most/all of the presents
UE                        I want to keep the house clean 
UN                       I want to add some personal touches
UC                I feel like I’ve not got enough time 
CB                       I’ve so much to do and all of this pressure
Wrist                    I’m worried about all the money I need and will spend
Th                 Christmas costs so much money 
FF                          I feel anxious about all of this money  
MF                       So much anxiety about the cost of Christmas
RF                        And I hope everyone likes what they get
BF                         There is so much pressure to get it right and I’m afraid of disappointing everyone

TOH                    Sometimes all the family obligations stress me out
EB                        Having to do this, and having to do that
SOE                     All the expectations that are not my own 
UE                        This pressure to perform and sometimes be someone I’m not 
UN                      Sometimes I’d like to shut everyone out
UC                      Sometimes I just want some space
CB                       It’s so hard to get that space over Christmas
UA                      Meeting up with certain family also makes me anxious
Wrist                   Sometimes there are family issues to deal with 
Th                        Sometimes I just want to stay home and do my own thing
FF                  Maybe I feel like I can’t do that and I have to say yes 
MF                      But maybe there are times when I can say no
RF                 Maybe I can listen to myself more 
BF                        Maybe I can choose to find some ‘down time’ in the midst of chaos

TOH                    Maybe I don’t need to hold onto this overwhelm
EB                 Maybe I don’t need to hold onto this stress + anxiety
SOE                    Maybe its ok to ask for help
UE                       Maybe its ok to accept help
UN                      Maybe its ok to let all of these negative emotions go
UC                      I don’t want to hold these negative emotions 
CB                      It’s supposed to be a lovely time of the year
UA                      So maybe I can release all of these negative emotions 
Wrist                   I choose now to release these negative emotions
Th                 I choose now to release this overwhelm 
FF                         I choose now to release this stress + anxiety
MF                       I choose now to release the fear of disappointment
RF                 I choose to feel calm over the thoughts of Christmas
BF                 I choose to feel calm in the run up to Christmas

TOH                     I choose to listen to myself this Christmas and do what I need to do for me 
EB                        I choose not to get stressed when there is chaos around me
SOE                     I choose not to feel responsible for everyone around me
UE                 I choose to feel peace and calm at this time 
UN                      I invite peace and calm into my body now
UC                       I release all remaining stress about Christmas
CB                       It’s going to be what its going to be 
UA                      I am doing the best I can
Wrist                   I feel confident in asking for help
Th                 Asking for help is not a weakness 
FF                  Maybe I can actually enjoy this time of year
MF                      Maybe I can get excited in the build up
RF                 Maybe I can see past the chaos
BF                 Maybe I can approach everything with peace & calm




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