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Tapping for Mums – one year on

Jun 07, 2019
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A year ago I completed my Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT /Tapping) & Matrix Reimprinting training and last September I did a course specifically on Birth Matrix Reimprinting to help mums recover from the negative birth experiences they’ve had, any PND, PTSD, and any birth related trauma. I thought it would be a perfect time to stop and think about the last year, and what I’ve learnt, about myself and also what I’ve learnt from helping my clients. (Go here to read more about Tapping)

What I’ve learnt about myself…

During my training lots of things came up to be healed, some limiting beliefs that I knew I had but was able to discover the root of them and reprogram them. During the past year I’ve kept working on myself, I have regular swap sessions, attend monthly Soul Circles and do tapping on issues as they arise. I’ve uncovered some limiting beliefs I never consciously realised I had. 

More recently I did a swap session on the topic of Money and it lead me back to being bullied by a brother /sister duo in primary school. I was on TV commercials at a young age (along with my sister), and this duo would shout across the street at me walking to and from school. With my confidence being abysmal anyway, this really really hurt. I hadn’t thought about this particular series of incidents in at least 15 years.  The conclusion I came to as a result of this was ‘its not safe to be big’ and ‘its not safe to be me’.  This was quite a revelation for me, and makes a lot of sense when I look back at my life. I was always very spiritual and connected but really held that back and didn’t share it with anyone, shutting myself down in many ways. My brand new affirmation for the next few months is ‘its safe to be big’!!! Looking forward to seeing where that leads me.

Some other things I’ve learnt:

  • I absolutely feel so so happy when I’m helping clients heal

  • When I talk about Tapping and energy work and healing trauma I get such a buzz, honestly its like a drug

  • I’m managing my impatience to be doing everything now (tapping on it!)

  • I learnt quickly that people won’t heal if they don’t want to, and that’s ok – its their journey, my job isn’t to ‘fix’ people (tapped on that too)

  • I’m learning to let go of judgement of myself and others (more tapping)

  • Healing for me is a journey and a process so I don’t ever expect to be done, that isn’t the goal for me. Its to continue to shed layers to ultimately feel happier and happier

  • When I look back and do healing work I do it without judgement – I understand that nearly everyone does their best with the knowledge and experience they have at the time. That goes for me too.

  • I’m finding an inner confidence that I’ve never before had. (Above bullying and other beliefs kept me very anxious until my late teens) – and I’m really only realising this now, maybe even as I type!). This might be what comes with age, but I also think its due to the work I’m doing on myself.

  • I’m more happy and calmer in my self now than I was before we had Alice. I know that sounds so strange, but the healing I’m doing doesn’t just help the Alice trauma, its helping overturn limiting beliefs I’ve had for years and years.

  • I continue to believe everything happens for a reason and you can choose to see the gift in it. Not always easy, but I do think it’s there. I’ve chosen to keep Alice’s message alive, but also it’s led me to my life’s purpose – the purpose I’ve been searching for my whole life.

  • Part of that purpose is to teach people how to heal, and another part is to help them awaken – to connect with their soul , their spirituality and their own purpose. 

  • I feel privileged to guide every single person I work with on their healing journey.

 What I’ve learnt from helping my clients…

  • Most of us are suffering from trauma of some kind. And that trauma has shaped our negative beliefs – which is what our brain does to keep us safe. (I also believe entering motherhood can be a trigger for those limiting beliefs.) See blog about Vulnerability here and also know that the trauma can be healed.

  • We (so many of us) carry limiting beliefs that are not even our own!!! We are sponges when young, when these beliefs are being formed (age 0-6), and can absorb what’s going on around us and incorrectly INFER that we are the cause. Often we can carry emotions such as guilt, anger, fear, abandonment, judgement from our parents and grandparents from such a young age. Again we can overwrite these.

  • We are present as an ‘egg’ in our grandmother as she is pregnant with our mother – the trauma and negative emotions experienced by the grandmother has an impact on both the baby and grandbaby. (I’ve techniques that I use to help clear this ancestral trauma).

  • Our own birth experience and journey into the world can really have had an impact on our negative beliefs – often linked to ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worthy’, ‘I’m not loveable’.

  • We have lived before! I know for some this will seem very foreign. For others it will resonate a lot. I’ve first hand experience of guiding clients to some of their past lives that have come up for healing. I’ve learnt that lots of limiting beliefs created in those past lives are carried into this life. It’s actually incredible how quickly those lives and beliefs can be healed. We really can let this go with the Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting tools.

  • Talking to our kids is so important. It’s important to tell them what’s going on even when its really hard to or we don’t think they’ll understand. Sometimes their comprehension will surprise us. If we don’t tell them what’s happening they will most likely INFER that what’s happening is because of them.  At a young age, we aren’t able to see that not everything is about us – we are naturally self-centred. So honest communication is key to help them realise what is going on. Trust that they will understand either then or some day in the future.

  • When we feel fear, we naturally let it fold us back. But I’m learning that most fear is actually an indication that we are on the right path. When we evolve, grow and challenge ourselves we feel fear, because it is outside of our comfort zone. When we push out of the comfort zone it is a moment of real growth. The fear we feel is resistance. Sometimes the more resistance we feel the more we need to do it. Ask yourself when you feel fear, is it because you want to do something that lights you up and fulfils you. If the answer is yes, it lights me up but scares the shit out of me, then you know you’ve got to do it. If you’re feeling fear and you really don’t want to do it, then don’t do it!

  • Sometimes what we think is the issue, isn’t actually the issue. I had a client with claustrophobia. She couldn’t drive the car and stop at traffic lights without a panic attack. We had three sessions and traced her feelings of ‘lack of control’ back to a time when her mum fell and went unconscious when she was 13. We worked to release the trauma on her memory and she can now drive with no problems, no panic attacks, no claustrophobia. 

  • Birth trauma or negative experiences of birthing our kids can really really impact us. I believe it can lead to PND and PTSD. Those early days are hard enough but couple that with a horrific birth experience, it is only going to lead to negative emotions that we don’t know what to do with, making the post partum period so much harder. If this resonates with you I implore you to do something about it. It is not worth carrying this with you for the rest of your life. Trust me. 

  • I believe unresolved trauma can lead to physical illness – it is really really important to let go of our past. The past is truly in the past. Why should the past influence our present and future so much. Re-writing our story is key. Our story is just a story. It doesn’t have to be painful. We have the power to re-write it and manifest the future of our dreams. We all have the power to be who we want to be, and achieve what we want to achieve. It’s time to let go…

  • We are all good enough. We are all unique, with an amazing story to tell. When we speak from a place of truth and authenticity we will be honouring our self/soul. As we do that we can start to manifest amazing things. The world needs every single unique one of us. The world needs each of our stories! 

The biggest thing I’ve learnt:

The more we heal, the happier we feel


And the healing effect that has on others is immeasurable – think of the butterfly effect!! “The butterfly effect serves as a metaphor for life in a chaotic world. Specifically, it suggests that small events can have very large effects”, 

What the public say?!

I’ve asked the lovely people of Instagram some questions and here’s what they had to say:

-      97% of respondents said they are very intrigued by Tapping from me talking about it (around 90 people)

-      61% have tried it based on me talking about it (Whopop!!)

-      100% who responded said they would consider trying it in the future (Double Whoop!)

When asked what word comes to mind when I say ‘Tapping’? …

Coping mechanism, quicker than talk therapy,


Focus, Concentration, discovery 

Self care


Anxiety. Relief. Help

Release x 5

Saving grace in the moment

Bit weird



Releasing emotional blocks





Calm in the midst of chaos

Calm. Release. Fix. Help. Future


Peace, Calm, Therapeutic

Relaxing, Stress relief, Clear Emotions


Emotional release


Release, positive, soothing.


And then specific feedback from those who have tried it…

Felt positive



It helped me but not something I’ve maintained

Amazing. Honestly so so helpful in so many ways

Good definitely calms you

Calming experience, need to make time for it every day though

Fantastic. Big shifts have happened in my life. Not instant results but setting a healed life

Only tried sporadically, need to commit for better results

Amazing results and so helpful. I’ve used it quite a bit and shared with friends


Still early in my tapping journey but definitely find it calming and relieved stress

Good I use it for anxiety and in times of stress


A huge thank you from my heart to yours for listening to me, for trusting me, for trusting yourself, for healing yourself, for doing what you need to do right now and in the future, for being you, for being love and for being truly amazing. We are all amazing.



What next?

I’ve a series of free Tapping Meditation videos you can watch on You Tube here

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