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Forgiveness Is An Invitation To Let Go

Jun 26, 2019
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I learnt something this week:

"We will continue to learn the hard lessons until we truly forgive and heal,
Gabby Bernstein

've seen it in my own life and around me in the lives of friends. It's like a cycle of doom that we can't get out of, no matter what, we struggle. Bad or hard things keep happening no matter how hard we try to change things.

Maybe our births didn’t go to plan and we can’t let go of the disappointment? Maybe we didn’t get the support we needed when we felt really vulnerable and we can’t forgive those involved? Maybe we didn’t feel enough love as a child and we hold resentment and anger?

Firstly, we're not taught how to let go are we? We're not given the tools. We may want it, and say it, but do we really 'let go'?

And secondly, doesn’t forgiveness mean we condone something or someone? The answer is no it doesn’t.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean, I’m right and you are wrong. Forgiveness is an invitation to let go. Forgiveness is an acknowledgement that we’ve held on to the pain far too long. It is an act of choice to release what no longer serves us. Forgiveness is an act of love. Forgiveness of self, is a huge huge act of love, and one probably very needed.

Sometimes we are holding on to so much pain that is caused by shame and fear. And shame itself is basically the limiting belief of ‘I’m not good enough’ . By Forgiving ourselves, we allow ourselves to let go of the pain we’ve been feeling for, sometimes, decades. Releasing that pain allows for love to step in. To seep into every cell, to re-write those limiting beliefs and set us free.

Forgiveness is to let go, and to let go is to release ourselves of the cycle of pain.
It frees us up to receive love from all angles.

When we hold on to anger, pain, resentment about something or someone, it is like swallowing poison in the hope that it affects another person. The only one affected by it is us. We feel the impact of swallowing all the negative emotion. No one else does. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen from letting go?

In my own healing journey Tapping is the only tool I’ve found that enables me to truly let go. My clients feel it too. They feel ‘lighter’ (is the word they use all the time). And with tapping I’ve found we don’t always have to forgive to let go. Sometimes we are afraid to let go, but the fear is only causing chaos and blocking future amaziness that wants to come our way.

 Gabby Bernstein teaches the below prayer for inviting in Forgiveness. This is a modern spiritual prayer or intention that helps us surrender to a higher power. Helps us release the control we seek, the control that is ultimately causing the chaos. Repeat daily and as necessary, then pay attention to the messages you are given:

Take me, Show me, Heal me.


What can you forgive today? Or what can you hope to forgive in the future? What do you need to let go of?

Remember - the more we heal, the happier we feel. (And the subsequent impact on the world around us is infinite).

Watch my ‘Letting Go’ Tapping Meditation here.



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