Perfectly Imperfect | Imperfectly Perfect Tapping Meditation


How often do we hold ourselves to the highest bar there is? How often do we feel guilt when we don't achieve it? Inspired by Sharon King who trained me in Matrix Birth Reimprinting, she used this phrase at the very beginning of our course. We hold ourselves to such a high level of expectation and perfection don't we? Then we can often feel disappointed or guilt that we haven't delivered and is one of many causes of our Mum Guilt.

Most of us are doing the best that we can and we do it with the knowledge and understanding that we have at this present moment. Don't look back and blame yourself, most likely you didn't know any other way. Now's the time to release that guilt, forgive and move forward.

Remember that you are the only one in your family holding the bar that high. Your kids don’t, they can’t even see the bar. They just want love, affection, and connection with you.

This short tapping script aims to release us of that guilt and help rewire our brains to release the idea of 'perfection' that we are holding ourselves too.

Have a go and let me know what you think in the comments. It's just 6 minutes long.

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Sarah Tobin